Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Our "alarm clock" awoke us bright and early Andy, Grant and I took a long walk down the was just TOO hot (even at 7:00am) to run. After getting breakfast and cleaned up...we ALL went down to the beach for our family photo shoot! We got a couple good ones...even with sun in our eyes...the wind messing up my hair and fussy babies!

Once we got back...Aunt Amy took the 3 older boys to the zoo. Grant took a quick nap (and I grabbed a quick one too on the couch) while Andy & Doug played ping pong. Nana & Oompa were off buying our daily stockpile of groceries.
Once Grant woke up...Andy, Grant and I ate a quick lunch and then headed for the beach. Grant just keeps getting braver and braver and just ventures out further and further in the water. The waves splashing on him don't seem to bother him as much. Andy and I both took our turns at riding the waves on the boogie board...they were a little on the rough side...Andy has a bruise to prove it!
Just as Amy and the boys headed down...the sky got really dark and the lifeguards called everyone off the beach. It turned out to be about 10 drops of rain....but enough wind to have umbrellas flying everywhere and the sand pelting everyone. Luckily...Grant and I were off the beach by the time the winds really picked up.
By the time we got cleaned up...the sky was a perfect blue again! But since we were cleaned up and Grant was napping again (he plays SO hard when he is awake...he falls asleep so easily) and Seth was going to the beach with Uncle Doug and the 3 older boys...Andy and I did some shopping. We rode our bikes down to the walking mall and checked out all the shops. It was nice having a little alone time.
Tonight...we ventured away from the seafood and had grilled hamburgers (except I requested crab soup) After dinner...we headed back down to the boardwalk. Tonight...we all bought our tshirts. I thought it was so cute...Seth wanted to get matching shirts for him and Grant! How long will that last?
It was another great day...full of lots of relaxation. The boys are all having a great time and Grant had a really good (not fussy, screaming through dinner) night. We're on the downward stretch seems like vacation is going to be over before we know it! I just love the why do I live in land-locked Indiana?