Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Ring up another picture perfect day in Cape May. After breakfast...the whole gang loaded up and we all biked 4 miles out to Sunset Beach. There are lots of rocks on the an old sunken concrete ship from WWII. And...we went to the Cape May lighthouse and looked through their museums which have all kinds of facts about Cape May as well as some sea animals. It was HOT riding home...but a nice change of pace this morning.

After eating lunch...we all headed down to the beach. It was picture perfect day at the beach...absolutely beautiful.
Doug built a sand crocodile

The boys dug a hole
Doug helped them dig even deeper...

Grant fell asleep after crawling ALL over the place

Seth had some snacks to build up energy after boogie boarding
And...Nana & Maureen were the boogie boarding grannies!

Back to the house to get cleaned up....the boys rested and I took pictures of the Vollmer clan at the beach. We dined on a yummy dinner of crab stuffed flounder and clam linguine! All cooked by Oompa!

Then...down to the walking mall to pick our Christmas Ornaments...and have our nightly sweet (we are getting a little spoiled!) A quick trip to the boardwalk for Seth's nightly allotment of quarters before heading back to get 2 VERY tired little boys in bed. Here's hoping they all sleep in in the morning....that boogie boarding/wave jumping is HARD WORK!


Kristen said...

babies sleeping on the beach is always so cute!