Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Our day started bright and early when Grant woke up at 6! He had been fighting a fever for the past 36 hours and we had decided, despite bags packed & van loaded...that if he still had a fever over 100...we would postpone our trip. When he awoke crying...I was sure we would be spending another day at home.

Well..evidently...Grant was ready for vacation. He was fever free and ready to go! It wasn't much longer before Seth was up and more than excited that we would be able to head out today!

After breakfast, showers and some last minute packing...we hit the road at 9:3oa.m. We drove about 3 hours and stopped for picnic lunch along the way. More driving all afternoon until about 6:30. We were so ready (okay, Grant was ready) at about 5:30....but there was a b-ball tournament in there was no room in any hotel.

We made it to Grantsville (appropriate)...grabbed a quick dinner at Arby's and checked into our hotel. Grant was having the time of his life exploring the room while Seth curled up in the bed with his blanket (so typical of the personalities of our 2 boys).

Grant was a rockstar the whole drive. He only took about 3 10 minute cat naps...and was overall in great spirits the rest of the day. He was fascinated with the cords to the DVD player and was insistent on playing with them...even if it meant getting them with his toes. He just jabbered away...played with an occasional toy...messed with his toes and enjoyed the view.

Seth...also did great. Besides a little spout of his tummy hurting...he was pleasant and gave us plenty of notice for bathroom breaks! He watched several Star Wars movies (fast forwarding to his favorite parts) and occasionally would put in a movie for Grant. He loved the view once we started hitting the mountains/hills and commented on what a beautiful view it was. He loved crossing the Ohio (can't wait until we hit some of the BIG bridges on the east coast.)

Andy...was also the rockstar...driving the whole day (however, now that there are kiddos in the backseat needing tended to...relaxing in the passenger seat has a whole new meaning)

So day #1 was a success...the major part of the drive is over. Both boys were wired and it took a while to get them down (staying in one room doesn't help). But all are asleep and getting ready to tackle a day in Baltimore!