Sunday, August 1, 2010

13 months

Sunday, August 1

Grant at 13 months
--got tooth # 7...looking at him...the one to the left of the center bottom 2 teeth. Has very swollen gums and his cranky so I think maybe the molars are on the way (7-13)
--says "uh oh" has other words that sound like "momma" and "dada"
--can climb up on to couches
--can climb down stairs...still LOVES the stairs and will constantly go for them anytime he can find an open path to one
--took a tumble all the way down the steps...cried for 5 seconds, wiggled out of my arms and then instantly headed for them again
--loves crawling around with stuff in his mouth..whatever he can find
--much prefers standing...pulls up all the time...especially in the bathtub
--easily walks with the aid of 2 fingers...can stand alone for 2-3 seconds, sometimes
--gets into everything

--went on his first major roadtrip/vacation...loved the beach...loved the overall a great traveler
--has eaten all foods...including pb & far nothing he doesn't like or won't eat if too hungry
--not so sure about fireworks...clings really hard to mommy while watching them...has seen them twice (July 4 & Tin Caps game)
--made his first stepping stone

--went to his first baseball game
--still doesn't like to play with toys...just prefers to explore
--loves to open cabinets and drawers
--has a really obnoxious high pitched scream when he wants something or is bored with something
--when mad...will charge at Seth and try to bite him! It's hilarious!
--loves to be outside...cries and throws a fit when someone goes outside without him
--can officially throw a fit...he lays down on the ground and BAWLS!
--loves giving kisses...even to the girls from church
--is not sleeping well at all...cries and cries...wants to be held...major baby boot camp coming next week after our anniversary trip
--learned to drink out of a straw (on vacation from a juicebox)
--can play soccer


The Portas said...

It's fun for me to read about what Grant is up to because next year at this time, our little Samson will be about the same age Grant is now! I love the kissing pic. :)

We live by the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child (by Dr. Weissbluth). It seriously has worked WONDERS for both of our boys. I hope you can figure something out soon! Having a baby who isn't sleeping well certainly disrupts everyone in the house.

Anonymous said...

The new Pele.

Anonymous said...