Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Anniversary Trip

Fortunately...Andy and I were able to get away for a couple days to celebrate our 8th anniversary. Grandma and Ted graciously agreed to keep the we dropped them off and headed out of town...east to Hocking Hills, Ohio.
It took about 3 hours from Grandmas...and we found our the woods...WAY in the woods in the middle of nowhere. We were a little leery at first...but it was perfect. We had found it on the Internet...and although it was in the middle of nowhere (as is most of the things in Hocking Hills, OH) was perfect.
We walked into to find our little one room cabin aglow with candles and romantic music playing. The cabin was called: "Cuddles" and was geared for romantic getaways.
We played a little cornhole outside our on the front porch...took a nap...grilled steaks...sat by a fire and just enjoyed being away from it all...including cell and email.
After rising at the crack of noon (11:30!)...we ate a quick lunch and headed out to find some hiking in Hocking Hills State Park. It was a little hot that day...but there were some cool spots, especially down in the caves. Unfortunately, the waterfalls were all dried up...except for one little trickle at Cedar Falls. But...we still had a nice time hiking and enjoying some beautiful scenery that would be even cooler in the fall.
Cedar Falls...well..a little of it
overlooking Old Man's Cave Andy...out on a ledge...being the stud he is!
overlooking a dried up Upper Falls
standing in front of a dried up lower falls

lots of stairs and crooks and turns and bridges...very cool!

After hiking...we did a little shopping and went back to the cabin and took another nap! Then...we got dressed up and went to a nice little Inn Restaurant. It only had about 12 tables...and was quiet and romantic and quite delicious. They served their dinner in 3 courses and we added a 4th with dessert! I had this incredible dark chocolate torte! Unbelievable!

Then...Wednesday...we slept in till 10! Glorious! A few view of our little "Cuddles" Cabin

After Packing up and cleaning up the cabin we did some shopping at a market that had antique shops, craft stores and miscellaneous stores. Then...time to come home!
Since we were in Ohio...I thought it would be fun to try Skyline Chile! IT WAS AWFUL...I seriously don't know what all the hype is all about! Fortunately...we found a cute little Dairy Shack on the way home and got a ice cream cone...just to end the trip on a sweet note.
Picked up the boys from Grandma & Teds...drove home...unpacked...visited Nana & Oompa and now it's back to reality...and school! Registration is tomorrow! WOW!


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