Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Catching Up

Wow...and yet another week has flown by...
--Kate's Kart is going crazy as always....had to go pick this up from the Pakmail store...the FedEx man delivered 34 boxes of books. We got a GREAT deal on soft cloth books from a company in Chicago...they are soo cute...can't wait to get them on the karts. We even had to get a 2nd small storage unit this month to store extra karts, ice cream social stuff, books...it just keeps growing and growing!

Seth had his 2nd soccer game...fortunately it wasn't raining and was a beautiful day for soccer. He is really into it this year!

--Seth spent Saturday & Sunday at Grandma & Ted's
--I got to spend all Saturday afternoon and evening scrapbooking...YEAH! I went to my friends and got about 25 pages done. Now...I am only a year behind on both boys! It was amazing how much I got done without Grant around...my first time scrapping with out him! Thanks Andy for watching Grant.
--Seth, Grant and I started back to our Wednesday night activities at church. I lead a 4th grade girls small group...Seth is in the kindergarten class...and Grant charms the ladies in the nursery
--Andy had his first full week of school...It's a little crazy this year...only 1 prep...6 classes...180 some students...back to a junior high format instead of the middle school format...thanks to budget cuts! But...we are very thankful for a job!
--I'm on a routine and spend every morning at the Y. It feels good to be back in a routine...now hopefully I can drop a few more pounds.
--Seth is doing great in Kindergarten...has had "blue" days everyday...which means he hasn't had to pull a card for behavior. He is pretty excited about his sheet of homework each week and eagerly works on it! Hopefully he will continue to love learning.
--Seth and I are making our way through the AtoZ Mysteries...we only have a handful left before we have read all 26! He is really showing an interest in reading...I really don't think it will take long before he just "gets" it!
--My 9 year old nephew got baptized this weekend! Yeah for Elijah!
--As far as Grant...well...he is still crazy man! Look for his 14 month update tomorrow!

--And...we have just been enjoying the last days of summer...swimming and playing in the backyard!


Cupcake Mama said...

Fantastic about the books...isn't that a nice "problem" to have? We have Upward b-ball at our church and there is soccer in our area. It's a great thing!