Saturday, August 21, 2010

Corn & Cousins

It's been a busy day...

We started our Saturday with Seth's first Upward Soccer Game. It was a yucky, rainy morning...and we sat under umbrellas...trying to contain Grant while Seth played in the rain. It's amazing the improvement he's made since he started playing when he was 4. It was actually somewhat competitive today. Pictures next week...when I don't have to hold a baby and an umbrella.
After chilling for a little bit...the boys and I headed over to Nana & Oompa's for the family corn event. My sister-in-law came with her 3 kids. (Andy had to do school work and Doug was playing at concert). We had 15 dozen ears of corn...we all worked together and got them all shucked...boiled...cut....and bagged in less than 2 hours (also included wrangling 2 infants!) The corn is yummy and I am so excited to have a supply for winter's always been a tradition to have a picture taken of all the cousins. We started right after Seth was born. My mom always buys them all coordinating outfits for Easter...and then we (in an ideal world) get a picture for her for Mother's Day. Well...we finally got to it today. (Hey...last year it was October) Well..I knew we didn't have a huge window of opportunity...and had to act fast. was raining all the ground was soaked, so we had to keep the babies off the grass.

In the end of our short little photo shoot...we have an "okay" one. If it were up to my standards...we would probably still be there. And...afterwards...I wish the 4 boys were all around Nia...but considering the age of our'll just have to do.


Kristen said...

that's a great shot!