Friday, August 13, 2010

Really...Kindergarten?'s official...we have a full-fledged kindergartner.

It all started Wednesday night when we are able to go to his teacher...see his desk...find his locker and explore the school. He is in the morning kindergarten @ Perry Hill. He was most excited about the large open-concept library in the middle of the building. He couldn't believe their selection of chapter books. They offered hotdogs and chips...but we opted to celebrate and go to Cebollas instead!

Thursday...he had a mini-day. So...that meant we were able to sleep in a little. Grant is our early he was more than happy to assist in waking the big brother up! We dined on a first day of school tradition of doughnuts...nothing like a little sugar to start your day off right.

He and I went from 9-10:30 in the morning. The first 1/2 was spent just listening to his teacher go over policies and her goals for the year. She is very experienced and has a passion for writing. The last 1/2 included stations that the kids traveled around. Two other kids from his K-prep class are in his class...and just randomly happened to be put all at the same table. Gave him a little comfort I guess. After that short taste of kindergarten...he was ready to go back....all on his own the next day.

Friday morning was his first regular length day. Yikes...the bus comes at 7:20! That means an early morning wake up! After an attempt at an early morning bowl of cereal...we all headed down to the bus stop. He was so excited...and when it came...he literally ran across the street with other kids and climbed right on! I got a few pictures...but it all happened so quick...and he didn't even look back! I guess that means he is ready.
3.5 hours later...we picked him up! His favorite part of the day: riding the bus. He is excited and ready to go back next week. Fortunately, Andy hasn't started yet which meant he was able to experience the first bus stop with us...which was great. It's hard to little guy is truly growing up! (After school, I took him and his friend swimming...they were actually flirting with some 8-9 year old girls...really...that fast it happens?)


The Portas said...

Oh my goodness, kindergarten? I can't believe it! What a big boy. So proud of you, Seth! Enjoy school!

Kathy said...

I can't believe you guys have already started school...Eli JUST got out!

Is kindergarten all day or half day there? I tell you what...these boys are just growing up too fast!
Riding the bus...
before you know it, he'll be grabbing your keys and running out the door!
The boys look handsome!
Hug them tight for me.