Sunday, August 1, 2010

Since we've been home

We've been home a week:
--laundry is done and all things are put away
--we went school shopping...our first time! We kinda made a big deal about it...let Seth pick a place for lunch (Penn Station) and then went to Walmart! He loves having a list to shop from...the list for Kindergarten...not so bad!

--got interviewed for a magazine article and had an official photo shoot at Parkview North
--made Grant's first stepping stone...he was not corporating with his hand and would instantly dig into the cement the second his hand touched we had to settle for 2 footprints

--have been up a ton with Grant...he isn't sleeping well...not sure what that is all about!
--Seth had a playdate and overnight with his cousins
--watched a couple movies
--went luck on catching anything
--enjoyed a morning with from out of town! YEAH
--trying to enjoy the last few days of summer break
--pricetagged a TON of baby clothes for our church resale...3 nights worth
--enjoyed a bounty of tomatoes from our garden
--started packing again...this time for a short little getaway...just for Andy & celebrate our anniversary! Hooray!