Wednesday, September 1, 2010

14 Months

September 1
14 Months

At 14 months Grant:

--is a teething monster! Got his bottom left incisor. His bottom left molar is mostly in...the upper left is poking through and upper right is coming in too!
--has had a rash around his mouth for almost a month...from all the teething and drool
--has added mommy, dada to his "uh oh" vocabulary
--can tell you that a lion says: "roar"
--can safely go down the stairs on his tummy
--looks so cute in his little tennis shoes..giggles when you put them on
--will stand...but not for long...and only if you put him that way
--wants to walk so badly...will take a few steps if you are close by. He is so proud of himself
--points distinctively at things he wants
--spent 2 nights away from mommy and daddy...had a great time at Grandma & Ted's
--still loves music...dances to upbeat music on radio, car or a toy
--has a biting problem...often bites Seth...especially if Seth takes something away from him. Mostly it's a game we hope!
--is learning that certain toys have specific purposes and uses them appropriately
--loves his Elmo music book
--adores Oreos
--loves climbing in and on everything...especially loves getting into drawers and cabinets

--has a unhealthy love for his paci...and when we take one away...hoping to go at bedtime only...will some how miraculously find another one around the house! He obviously has a stash
--has been a super super easy to put down every night!
--still prefers 2 short in the morning and a longer in the afternoon
--hasn't been a great eater...tends to throw his food often...hopefully from the teeth
--often hits you when you tell him "no"
--knows how to turn OFF the computer...we're learning to "save" often when he is around
--can climb in and out of his stroller on his own