Sunday, September 26, 2010

Blogging Slump

So...the blogging slump has hit again....guess I just haven't had much to "show and tell." Not that we haven't been busy...we have....

--baking 100 dozen cookies...Yeah, it was only supposed to be 40...but batch after batch kept bombing...they were spreading like crazy. It ended up being a 2 day marathon of cooking...Andy taking the day off...IT WAS A NIGHTMARE! But...they got done...they got delivered and the customer was happy!'

--volunteering in Seth's class. It was alot of fun...I enjoyed getting to know the kids and seeing a glimpse of their personality.

--cleaning and cleaning the pool. It has been so windy...and the leaves have been falling. Andy has been cleaning and cleaning the pool...Luckily we only have 4 more days...and then Andy has his evenings free

--Kate's's always busy...there is always tons to do with that. We just loaded up about 3000 "educational" books to be taken to inner city schools in Chicago. We're excited that these books that will never be chosen off the Karts will be put into school libraries where they can be read and used. Plus...we just received a grant...a generous grant...and as of our last board meeting...I am now an "employee" of Kate's Kart. The grant allowed the board to hire me as a part time director. We feel blessed...honored...and needless to takes away a little bit of financial stress.

And...look for 3 new postswith pics of some fun times this weekend. And here's to more posts...if nothing else...for our own personal family scrapbooks!