Tuesday, September 14, 2010

In a Routine!

So things have pretty much been in a routine around here....Andy and Seth are doing their school thing...while Grant and I do our Y thing in the mornings.

Seth seems to enjoying school...he is still excited about his homework and eagerly does it every day. It basically consists of reading his "kid news" for the day and circling certain words. He also has a letter worksheet that he has the whole week to work on...but he usually insists on doing it the first day! He is really starting to be able to read...it's exciting to hear him. Seth and I continue our nightly reading...usually consists of a chapter book each night...I really enjoy that 45 minutes of just snuggling with him in bed. We just recently worked our way through the entire A to Z Mysteries series (yeap...all 26). Now, we're working on some of the Super Editions of the A to Z as well as the Calendar Mysteries! I am so glad he has such a passion for reading.

He is 1/2 way through his soccer season...fortunately on Saturday we got our game in before the rain came.
Grant...as you know continues to bring us so much joy! His latest passion includes toothbrushes...he loves finding them, and chewing on them. He is getting closer and closer to walking...and just yesterday starting taking 2-3 steps between things he can hold on to. I just love this pic of my little cutie patootie..even with his paci stuck in mouth! Seriously...once those molars are through...it's paci boot camp!

Andy is working hard at school and at the pool...we're thankful to have the extra money through September...but windy days can cause a lot of leaves in the pool. We've had some beautiful Sept. days for swimming....in fact, last Friday we all went for an evening swim.

The boys went home with Grandma and Ted this weekend...so Andy and I had Sat/Sun to ourselves...we spent most of Sat. at Upward as they were collecting books for Kate's Kart...then we had our annual free concert from our electric company...this year it was Tracy Lawrence. After a carry in at church...our afternoon consisted of watching the Colts...a few naps...and attacking the messy attic.

So...we're keeping busy...livin' life. It's busy...in fact...the weekends are full through the end of October...it'll be here before we know it!