Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pickin' Apples

Saturday afternoon...we headed to the apple orchard. The trees were pretty picked over (they said the heat/lack of rain really hit them hard) But...Seth had a fantastic time...he loved using the picker and pulling down the apples. He would have picked all day. Grant...well, due to the fact that there were lots of rotten apples on the ground,...he was confined to his stroller. He thorougly enjoyed munching on his apple. It was a glorious day to be outside.

We also picked up some fall decorations...each of the boys got a pumpkin. And...fresh apple crisp for dinner...YUM YUM! Isn't fall just glorious?


The Saunders Family said...

we're heading to the orchard Wed. and I am hoping Anna isn't into the rotten apple scene! Maybe the stroller or the backpack carrier is in order!