Thursday, October 14, 2010

15 month checkup

Last Friday we had Grant's 15 month check-up. The doc walked in...examined him and said...he even looks ornery! He nailed it...we have one ornery little guy.

He weighed in at 26lbs 6 oz and 34 3/4 inches tall! He is at 76% for height...and above the 95% for height. What amazes me...he is 2 & 3/4 inches TALLER than Seth was at 15 months and 1 lb heavier...and I thought Seth was a big boy.
The rest of his physical checked out well...all of his teeth have at least poked through...and he is right on track for everything...even though his verbal words are limited to "mommy", he understands a lot more words (at least 25 that I know).
The only scary thing is his iron level. It was just barely over the minimum level at 12 we tried feeding him some iron rich foods and retested @ 15 months. Unfortunately, it continued to go down. So...starting tomorrow, we have iron supplement that we somehow need to get in this little guy (I guess it tastes NASTY). Hopefully it's just due to his diet and his growth spurts...and it will fix itself over the next few months.
So...Grant is a wildman...he constantly has bruises all over! He received the bruise last weekend at Grandmas...and later this week he had this other shiner on the left side of his head! IT swelled up so big...and I never heard him cry so I had no idea how he got it! Well...turned out to be some sort of a bug/spider bite! And...with all the teething...he is drooling mess! Poor guy...