Friday, October 1, 2010

15 Months

Friday, October 1
15 Months

At 15 months Grant...

--is walking! yeah (I think) He has really just been doing it for a week...he still pretty unstable around steps and when he steps on something...but he is definitely improving everyday (I can't get video to load....see next post!)

--has learned to stand up from a "down" position

--has never really shown any stranger danger
--is still addicted to his paci...not sure how to battle this one...maybe when the teething is over

--will climb any and everything
--has gotten 8 new teeth...all four molars and all 4 canines! Overall...has been not to grumpy

--usually can be found toddling around with a washcloth and a toothbrush! Hmmmm?
--is busting out of size 4 diapers...soaks through them at night

--is a great sleeper...he points to his bed and night and lays down without even a wimper...does really well at naps too! still prefers getting 2 naps...but we don't always get #1 squeezed in...or if so, I have to wake him to go get Seth

--still only has the words "uh oh" and "mommy" but is making new sounds all the time

--understands lots of words: bath, ball, car, bed, paci, milk, outside, Seth, mommy, daddy

--loves to be outside...has figured out how to open the back screen door and get outside on his own! Often heard when Seth is outside: "mommy....Grant is outside!"

--leaves a trail of destruction...all the TIME! He loves opening drawers and grabbing random things

--loves olives...picks them up with his finger!!
--is overall a pretty good eater...haven't found a food he won't eat
--is still snuggly
--continues to bite and hit and throw food!
--uses lots of things appropriately: phone (when it rings, he'll go get the other one and give it to you) remotes, silverware
--continues to bring us so much joy...he is a handful...has lots of energy and you have to follow him around a lot..and watch him...and tell him "no"...but is a super kid


Kelly said...

My goodness! Look at that big boy! Yeah for walking! I bet he'll be running before you know it! And, what a monkey boy! Climbing on everything.

Kelly said...

Forgot to add, Aubrey started to wake up wet everynight in her size 4's too. We started to use the Huggies overnights and it made a huge difference! She hasn't woken up soaked since.