Thursday, October 14, 2010

Carnival Cake

Seth's school carnival is tomorrow...they have a cake decorating contest...and then the cakes are donated to the cake walk. Seth was pretty excited about decorating a cake...the theme was Ocean Adventure. So today we went to the candy store and got all kinds of gummy fish/sharks/octopus.

Tonight...he decorated it! It took every bit of self control I had not to say fact at one point I had to leave the room (Yes, I have control issues!). Well...I think it turned out pretty cute (a little overcrowded)..but hey, he's 6!

The ocean full of all types of gummies...and isn't the beach cute! They are sour patch kids laying on fruit stripes blankets! And did have to of the gummy fish was he put him next to the shark and said that the shark had eaten him! He is pretty clever kid!


Kristen said...

that's awesome!

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