Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Break Monday

No rest for the weary...Grant was up early again. had rained/poured/thunder stormed all night so the ground was soaked. We knew that Grant would just get soaked as well...we decided it might be good to just pack up and head home.

We stopped one more time at the beach...enjoyed a beautiful view and headed home! Grabbed a quick Wendy's stop for lunch (but ate in the camper in the Walmart parking lot). We were home in time to unpack...let Grant get a decent nap...catch up on internet/emails (I felt very out of it)...clean the camper...and celebrated the end of Fall Break with dinner at Casa with Nana & Oompa to tell them all the fun with had with their camper!

Then...a good soaking in the tub...and 2 little tired boys in bed by 8!
It was a great break...a great time with my great family!