Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Break Saturday

Saturday morning we were up bright and early due to our travel alarm clock..aka. Grant!! Grant had a hard time getting to sleep...and staying asleep through the evening. But...after some pancakes and sausage we loaded up the bikes and headed for the beach. There wasn't much we pretty much had the place to ourselves! Grant loved walking along the beach and throwing rocks and sand in...we did a lot of he kept getting braver and braver about getting close to the edge Seth loves the he was having a great time! He thought it was pretty cool that we could see Chicago across the lake

We climbed a dune (My studly husband did it with Grant on his shoulders!) and then enjoyed the view even more from the top.

We went back to the RV for lunch...and put Grant down for a nap! (Well...I layed down with him too!) Andy and Seth went to the nature center and did some bike riding, movie watching and ice cream eating. It rained a little during lunch...but cleared up to be a beautiful afternoon.
Once Grant woke up we headed to the nature center and took a hike! It was ranked as moderate as it included several dune climbs...once again...studly Andy did the whole hike with Grant on his shoulders!
The hike took us back to the of course we had to walk along the beach some more and climb another dune a little sand and rocks!
We checked out the nature center...played on the playground...chased Grant all over the campground...made pizza pudgy pies for dinner...took a walk..chased Grant...ate more s'mores..chased Grant...cleaned up 2 very dirty, sandy little boys and went to bed! It didn't take Grant long at all before he was ZONKED!