Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Break Sunday

Once again we were up bright and sleep when you have a toddler in the camper! We ate a yummy breakfast and spent an hour or so in the RV because of rain (that's always fun with a toddler...who doesn't have much room to toddle!) Fortunately, the sun came out so we headed back to the beach! There were several large barges dropping off supplies at a steel mill.

And...wouldn't you know we saw a rainbow! Our Kate was with us!Lots more walking along the beach...throwing sand...digging holes with random shovels found on the beach...eating sand...and Seth was pretty excited to find this... Yep...just his name written in the sand!

We were at the of course...up another dune for some serious play time in the sand!

and lots of fun going down....lots more fun than going up!

Back for lunch...and naptime. This time Andy stayed back while Seth and I explored and had some ice cream. But...Grant woke up I got a little more snuggle time with him while he slept a little more! The boys watched football and movies. to explore some more. We hopped on our bikes and rode all around the park and found a playground

and decided to take another hike! This time we opted for an easy where Grant could walk on his own! Do you know how often that little guy had to stop and pick up leaves... and acorns...and sticks...and plants...and anything he could find! That little boy was in heaven!

Back to the RV for more chasing of Grant...and ball playing....and chasing. We cooked Grilled cheese over the fire...took a walk around the campsite (it had TOTALLY cleared out...we were one of about 14 campers left). IT was a GORGEOUS night...totally comfy in just a t-shirt and jeans. We spent a lot of time around the campfire eating s'mores, hot cocoa and cider. We just headed to the showers to clean up when the rain started. It was a glorious day!


Kristen said...

what a great time! Must be great to be close enough to a beach and woods like that... I live in KS so there isn't much along the lines of a beach here!

Kristen said...

honestly I can't remember how I came across your blog, surely from a button or a comment that you maybe left somewhere? I've been following you for awhile though! Love the posts, boys are adorable! I have 2 boys myself so always love to follow along with similar people! = ) Feel free to stop by more often:

Shannon said...

Krista, She probably found you through me! Kristen and I have been blog buddies for quite a while :o)