Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Break...Friday

Andy had Friday and Monday off for Fall Break and Seth had Monday we took advantage of my parent's generosity and went camping for the weekend.

We picked up Seth from Kindergarten in the RV...he thought that was pretty cool. Then....a quick lunch in Warsaw and then we made it up to Thistleberry Farm in South Bend. I found it on the Internet and it was really pretty cool. There were TONS of activities for the kids...and we had a BEAUTIFUL afternoon to enjoy some FALL FUN!

There were 4 corn mazes...2 of which were geared for kids. They had farm animals hidden in one and the other had letters from story book characters in mailboxes. It made it really fun for Seth...and they only took about 15 minutes. They did have a HUGE maze that Seth really wanted to go into...but they said it could easily take over an hour! YIKESThey also had a cow train...and a tractor pulled the boys throughout the fieldOff to the giant jumping pillow...I've never seen anything like it...lots of fun for all ages.

Duck races with an old style water pumpGrant loved the barn filled with straw mazes and a giant pit of corn! He played in it for at least a half an hour!

lots of photo opportunities
a giant tube slide...which we didn't think Grant was big enough for...but he was insistent on going so we took him on our laps! That little guy is SO observant of everything his little brother does.

Pedal Car track (Seth says this was his favorite)

Hay ride through the corn fields

It was a great stop! I highly recommend it to anyone! Definitely worth it since we were headed in that direction...but would seriously consider making the drive next year!

We just had about another hours drive up to Indiana Dunes State Park. Fortunately, we had made reservations because it was packed. We found our spot, sent up camp and roasted hotdogs for dinner! After s'mores of was time to get a good night's rest for a fun couple days!


Shannon said...

Wow! That looks like a lot of fun! I'll have to bookmark it for the future :o)