Monday, November 1, 2010

16 Months

16 Months
Monday, N0vember 1

At 16 months Grant:

--is ONERY...he still bites, hits and screams when he doesn't get his way
--lets us know he is done with a meal by throwing it all over the floor
--is pretty accident prone...and often has bruises, scrapes and bumps. He just likes to climb on everything and anything.
--thinks it's funny to put his food on his head and in his hair (this was an extreme night)
--has added "me"," daddy" and "hot" to his vocabulary. "Me" for when he wants something...and "hot" from us constantly tell him that from camping 2 weekends of the month.
--if you tell him his food is hot...he will blow on it
--is on a daily iron supplement for being a bit on the anemic side
--loves to throw things in the water...especially at Lake Michigan
--loves baths...hates showers
--is a pretty secure starting to try to run, especially when you are telling him it's time to come inside
--still adores his paci
--will attack his brother...if Seth is laying done...Grant will go and jump on him.
--loves wrestling with his daddy
--gets blotchy red spots when he eats hummus (which he loves)...we're pretty sure his skin is just irritated from an acid found in it as it goes away fairly quickly
--went trick or treating and discovered he is quite fond of candy...especially M&Ms, suckers and Smarties
--loves to be outside...and will make a run for it anytime he sees the opportunity
--played at a McDonalds playland for the first time...wouldn't go very far into the maze of tunnels...just watched the other kids
--still prefers 2 naps
--puts his hand in fists to his chest and shakes when you go outside and it's cold...laughs when you say: "Brrrr"
--can still be the sweetest most cuddly little guy ever!