Wednesday, November 10, 2010

As Time Goes By

And yet another week has gone by...and I have nothing to share. pictures to brighten your day. In fact I even noticed that the picture card is still in the computer USB port from my last post. It's been just your average few days...the only excitement (really) was that Andy had jury duty and served on a 5 day trial.

Grant is still crazy Grant. He LOVES to be these past few days have been wonderful...we've spent a lot of time just playing in the backyard. He still is a man of few words...lots of sounds but no new words.

Seth is keeping busy. He went to Upward Basketball Orientation and is now on a basketball kick. We've gone down to the association hoop the past 2 days and paint cans are set up all over the garage as pretend cones to dribble around. We've been reading a bunch...and he is playing a bunch with neighbor kids. In fact today...he has been outside w/ friends since 11:15 (minus a 20 minute lunch break). I will have to FORCE him in at 4:30. I mentioned had an interesting week serving on jury duty. He was glad to have the opportunity. Now he is back at school...changing kids lives everyday! He keeps busy around the house getting ready for winter.

Me...just being a mom and trying to stay above water with all the Kate's Kart stuff happening. My cousin came to visit from S. Indiana so I enjoyed a nice afternoon with her. But...Kate's Kart is amazing...I have a bunch of speaking engagements coming up this next couple weeks...including a BIG one in Indy. (anyone want to road trip to Indy on Nov. 30 with me)
Plus Barnes and Noble has chosen us again as their holiday book drive recipient AND we are having a book fair on Dec. 5 (save your Christmas shopping until then..I'll give more info later)
Plus...adding new Karts/hospitals...volunteer appreciation volunteers...I tell you...this Kate's Kart has grown into something pretty HUGE.'s Christmas everywhere...bell ringers...decorations on at the stores. But...we're holding out...enjoying this time of Thanksgiving. Thankful for so many wonderful things in our lives.


Kristen said...

that's amazing the success you're having with kate's kart, congrats! Sometimes no news is good news! (meaning the lack of blogging!) :-)

Anonymous said...


Can we get together for cinnamon toast Nov. 29 or 30 when you're in town?