Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Night

What a beautiful night for trick or treating. I tell didn't take Grant long to get this trick or treating thing figured out! It was so cute...he definitely was living under the saying: one in the hand is worth more than 2 in the bag....cause he had to have his candy in HIS hand at all times!

Since we got SO much candy on Saturday at the campground...we only went to about 10 houses around the neighborhood before heading back and passing out candy ourselves. our little cute is he?

Darth Vaderplaying in the front yard waiting on trick or treaters to come Yeah...Grant wasn't too happy about his one....until.....he had candy in his mouth...and in his hand! Greedy little guy! Checking out the stash afterwards
Seth's little friend from school came trick or treating! I tell you...we've got a budding little romance going on here!