Monday, November 22, 2010

Season of Thankgiving -- 7

So...I bet you're waiting for my big surprise. It's probably anti-climatic by now. In fact...I really messed up! I originally thought that this was going to be my 1000th post. However...when I went back and deleted all the draft entries that never got took me down to 950. big 1000th post party is just going to have to wait! And...all those rumors that we are expecting...well...sorry. Pretty disappointing huh? Sorry.

But're still reading my blog and so you are my thankful post for today. Yes...I am thankful for this blog...and the people we've met and places it has taken us.

--thankful for an online diary...especially since I'm over a year behind on my scrapbooks

--thankful that when I can't sleep...just thinking of Kate...I have this diary to go back and read. Wow...what a journey we were on. Really...sometimes I still can't believe what we were going through.

--thankful for the other heart moms I've "met" through blogging...thankful for moms that understood...thankful that I can rejoice with them in the amazing progress so many of these kids have made over the years...thankful I have a way of knowing what is going on.

--thankful for a diversion in the middle of the day...sometimes I just want to know what else is going on outside my little house...a quick jump onto google reader and I can laugh...relate...and know other moms are going through the same thing or find a great recipe for dinner or a great idea. I'm amazed at this blogging world...guess there are people making a living off their blog.

--thankful for the comments that are left..encouraging me....especially those written during Kate's illness. I still go back and read them...on those nights when I can't sleep. but some free stuff. Not sure what it is going to be...depends on the winner...and what best fits you. I don't get many comments anymore (not pointing fingers...cause I'm not the best comment leaver either) but people tell me they are reading. So...just this once...leave me a comment on your favorite Thanksgiving tradition or food...or even just say, "hey...I'm really disappointed in your HUGE surprise". will pick a winner and I'll send you something cool...just because I'm thankful for you. Just remember...if you leave it anonymously...type your name at the end of the comment. Contest ends at midnight on Thanksgiving Day.


The Saunders Family said...

I like your HUGE surprise even if it didn't exactly work out in the end!
My favorite tradition/food is the cranberry salad my mom makes. I actually make it to take to the in-laws because nobody makes it like our family does! It's the jello,cranberry,pineapple, nut kind of salad. I can't stand the from the can kind, I've been too spoiled to settle for that.
And, yes blogging is a great way to keep up with those that are far flung...I probably wouldn't know any of what has taken place in your life in the last 5 years except for your blog!

Deanna said...

One of my favorite NEW Thanksgiving traditions is doing a "Thankful Pumpkin" with our family for the month of November. Every family member writes one thing that he/she is thankful for each night at dinner, and it is covered by Thanksgiving (NO repeats!) I always write down what we've written before we ditch the pumpkin so I can look back from time to time! :)

my life: said...

I've been a horrible all my blogging friends! *shame on me...I am still reading!* favorite food is our sweet potato casserole...YUMMY! It's a recipe I have come up with on my own...our family LOVES it.

ShortStack said...

My favorite Thanksgiving food would have to be PECAN PIE! I've had it at other times of the year, but it just doesn't taste as good. :)

I enjoy your blog & keeping up with your busy family. You do such a good job of planning fun activities!

LeAnn P.

Melissa said...

I'm thankful for your family and the impact you've made on my life. I'm thankful to have gotten the chance to care for Kate, even during her sickest of days. I'm thankful for the pleasure of reading your blog everyday, though I often don't post (too busy chasing an 8 month old around). As for my favorite Thanksgiving tradition, I just love spending Thanksgiving with family and friends and being thankful for all I've been given!

Laura said...

I'm still reading the blog (but don't comment often). Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I have been reading, I just don't comment on any blog. Not sure why, I guess I'm scared to say the wrong thing. Your blog is great and I love the Season of Thanksgiving posts. Maybe next year I will focus more on my blog that I think has 5 posts for the entire year.

I have two favorite Thanksgiving traditions. First, we have a tablecloth that everyone writes what they are thankful for. Someday it will be filled! Second, after dinner we make "gingerbread houses." We use graham crackers, icing, candy, and whatever else we can think of to add to it. It is always fun!

Thanks for letting us join in on your thankfulness!

Melissa Stout

Jennifer Johnson said...

Hey! I'm still reading your blog. I espically enjoy reading about Grant's daily adventures! I also think it's neat that I met you at Camp Adventure back in the day and then reconnected over your blog! My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is eating leftovers with a Coke and Mikesells potato chips. That is about the only time of year I drink a Coke! Have a wonderful and happy turkey day!! And I was a little disappointed because I did think you guys were expecting again. :( Blessings,
Jenny in Fowler, IN
and I like that others have shared their Thanksgiving traditions. Gives me something to think about for next year! :)

Anonymous said...


My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is baking my famous pumpkin bread as gifts for all of my friends. They love it, and it brings me such joy to bake it for them.

Happy holidays!!


Anonymous said...

Thanksgiving traditions? I really don't have any. I found things change and I don't want to hear, remember when? it's just not the same or I wish. That doesn't happen at our house,nothing is ever the same at thanksgiving.
But, I do make extremely good turkey dressing!
Thankful.....not enough room to list what I'm thankful for, so just a few.
A brain tumor that convinced me and others, God performs miracles. Larry, my husband of 42 years, who showed me how to live and knowing Christ is waiting, how to leave this world. Ted, my husband of almost a year, who proved to me I can love and laugh again. I'm thankful for Andy & Krista, my wonderful son and daughter-in-law. My grandsons, Seth and Grant, what a joy they are. And.... I thank God for allowing me to hold an angel, my Princess Katherine. She was here for one brief moment and we will never be the same.
Just a few things to be thankful for.
Cathy Layman-Habegger

Kristen said...

I'm glad to see you got more than your 6 comments! You must have more than 6 followers then friend! :-) It is definitely nice to be able to get a break from your own reality and see what everyone else is doing in theirs! My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is that my little sister and I boil about 10 pounds of potatoes, then we split them in half, and each one of us make our own set of mashed potatoes.... we used to then have everyone vote on which potatoes were the best but no one could ever choose! ;) Happy Thanksgiving!

Andrea said...

I'm still reading too! I hardly ever comment on anyone's blog anymore--not sure why. Anyway, my favorite Thanksgiving food is green bean casserole. Love it! But I love almoste everything for thanksgiving dinner. :) Our favorite tradition is just going around the table to share what we're thankful for. One year, just after Drew was released from the hospital, I was thankful for antibiotics. My family still likes to make fun of me for that one!

Andrea said...
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LeAnne said...

I still read your blog! I may not read it every day, but I try to check it at least once a week!
My favorite food is pumpkin pie..with whipped cream! It's just not Thanksgiving without it. :)
LeAnne Stahl

Anonymous said...

Over 30 years of celebrating Thanksgiving with family and special friends.

Kelly said...

I'm a faithful reader via Google Reader, so I slack on the comments part. Sorry. =)

My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is bean dip. I know, strange for Thanksgiving, but we munch on it all day. I make it the crockpot and we look forward to it every year!

"Bo" said...

Wow! You know, you could still be at home full time and be a PAID author as well! I am amazed to read your blogs and feel blessed to be your friend. So I am thankful for our new friendship and for getting to chat with you at Joy Seekers and Sunday School. "I thank God every time I remember you.." Happy Thanksgiving!

Amy, Mitch and Wilson said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Layman family! Yes, I still read your blog pretty regularly and I always enjoy your stories, adventures and photos.

We don't really have any Thanksgiving traditions or favorite foods anymore -- we are far away from our families. Thanksgiving dinner is sometimes just the three of us, maybe at a restaurant, or if we're lucky with a few friends. We do like watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, though!

Have a great holiday!