Thursday, November 25, 2010

Season of Thanksgiving--10

Here we are...the end of 10 days and I will end with tradition...Yes...I am a traditionalist. I love tradition. I'm always looking for more traditions to start. Can you have too many traditions?

I loved reading some of your traditions. The holidays seem packed with traditions....I love it. Andy and I try hard to build those memories with our kids.

--thankful for our 31st Thanksgiving Tradition with the Vollmers. Looking back...a lot of the specific traditions have changed over the years (amazing what adding kids to the mix with do)...we may not go bowling....or to movies...or even play the 1812 Overture at the beating of the potatoes....BUT...we're together and that's what is important.

--thankful for the fact that Seth likes tradition too...he's catching on. In fact...he sometimes says: "But we have to...cause that is what we do"

--thankful for the Holiday season...which is packed full of traditions: seeing the Santa lighting (unless it's freezing rain)...driving through the Festival of Lights...Christmas Eve service...gingerbread house...Elf on the Shelf...picking out a live Christmas tree...making Christmas cookies...reading the Bible on Christmas Eve...pork ribs on Christmas Eve...driving to Portland on Christmas Day...the list goes on and on.
--thankful for the memories I have of traditions...all year long...and thankful that I have an amazing family with which I can build even more!
--Check back tomorrow for the winner of my little contest....


Kristen said...

isn't that great when the kids catch on to tradition? I'm big on tradition, my oldest kiddo is almost 7 and he's just finally realizing that there are certain things we do every year just for a certain holiday or birthday etc. I love it!

Anonymous said...

We love our Thanksgiving tradition as it continues through the years. We started with 8 and this year we had 22 around the table. It is a day to be grateful for all God's blessings and your family is one of them. God bless and keep you -- Hugs, Art & Reen