Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Season of Thanksgiving -- 2 heart is truly thankful for the friends in my life. Wow...what a blessing some good ole' girlfriends can be. As I think about it...there are several groups of friends for which I am truly thankful.

The first group...4 in particular...are those 4 friends I've had for years...and I do mean years! There are 5 of us from high school (4 of which began in grade school). Fortunately...we've made an attempt to keep in touch even though we are now spread out in 3 states. But the thing about these 4 doesn't matter if it's been a year...we just pick up where we left off. We laugh together...we cry...we share...we love. It's amazing what 20+ years together will do. I'm so thankful that they will drop their lives to come and love on me during Kate's illness/death. I"m so thankful that we can shoot an email just saying: "Hey, pray for me, I've having a hard day"...or "Look what God is doing in my life. " I'm so thankful that I know I can tell them anything (and vice versa). I'm so thankful for their friendship (and a great time together celebrating our 40th birthdays.)

Krista, Sharyn, Karla, Melanee & Gina

And there are other great friends from years ago roommates (love ya MJC)....old friends from HS who I've been reunited with who have blessed Kate's Kart and are a great scrapping partner....yeah, that's you Laura. Those friends who have known you for years are irreplaceable...there is just that history.

And...there are my "new" stage of life friends. It's been a true blessing to meet some wonderful "mom friends".... Moms of Seth's schoolmates...Moms from my Mops group...Moms from church. We share that common bond...and it's a whole new relationship I am just blessed to have. I love to get together for play dates...cause that usually means I get a chat date with it too. I love that on days like today...days where I have 3 different commitments...that I have 3 amazing friends who are willing to keep my kids for a few hours each.! Friends I can trust my kids with are priceless.

And...there are others....friends I've met through Kate's Kart who now parent's friends who are also my friends and mentors (gee....that generation gap keeps getting smaller and smaller).

I love it that a friend will send me 11 text messages within hours of me (finally) getting texting on my phone. I love it that a friend will call just to say..."I've been thinking of you." I love it that friends are willing to invest in my life. I love it that friends are praying for my kids. Relationships are important to me...I thrive on them. I love to be around people...I like doing stuff with people...I guess I'm just a people person., in this season of thanksgiving, it's my amazing friends (old and new) who I am truly thankful for.

PS.. Remember...these are in no particular order

PPS...Yes, a surprise is coming...I guess in reality it's NOT that HUGE...but it is coming.


Kristen said...

I'm so glad that you have such wonderful people in your life! That's def something to be proud of! :-)

Anonymous said...


I made the blog!! :)

I *love* our friendship... hope you know how much I love you & how important you are to me!!

I will drive up for another baking session soon!!


The Saunders Family said...

great friends make the journey of life so much more fun, especially when they are friends that you have a history with!