Thursday, November 18, 2010

Season of Thanksgiving -- 3

But of course I must mention my boys! What joy they bring me. What an honor it is to be their mom.

So there is Seth...

--so thankful that he LOVES to be read to...that is usually his activity of choice when I tell him it's his time...and even better when he cuddles with me.

--so thankful that he LOVES to learn. Very rarely is it a hassle to get him to do his homework (I know it's not much at this point). But he loves anything academic...learning math, learning geography. And..he is teachable...he wants to to do it right.

--so thankful that he LOVES to help. He always, I admit, not ALL the time...but generally he will help when needed, especially daddy outside. But..he also sweeps, unloads the dishwasher, sorts laundry. He always has...I pray he always will.

--so thankful that he LOVES his little brother. It brings me so much joy to see them play see Seth letting Grant chase him around the house is precious. I am thankful that Seth is old enough to "watch" Grant while I hop in the shower...and is willing to do it!

--so thankful he is a generally well behaved kid. He has yet to pull a card at school and we always get great reports from sitters and Sunday School.
--so thankful that I had him waiting at home to hug and kiss when I made that lonely, long trip home from Michigan on January 15, 2008.
--so thankful that he doesn't see the time/work I put into Kate's Kart as a distraction or burden. He is eager to help...he will go to the shed...will go to presentations...and LOVES to go book shopping with me.
--so thankful that he LOVES to cook with me...especially cookies. I love that time together in the kitchen.
--so thankful for his health
--so thankful when he tells me he loves me and that he never wants to move away, not even for college!

And there is Grant...

--so thankful for his energy...he keeps me moving....he keeps me on my toes...he keeps me young.

--so thankful that he loves to cuddle. I love that he will just crawl up in my lap and put his head on my shoulder. I love that he always wants a little bit of rocking before bed.
--so thankful for his was scary pregnancy...once bitten, twice shy.
--so thankful that he forgives so easily...I love it that I can discipline him for hitting/biting and he instantly wants me to hold him.

--so thankful for his giggle...oh he makes me smile...he can brighten my day so quickly

--so thankful for the smiles when he sees me pick him up from church, childwatch or Love love that he comes running to me with his arms spread wide

--so thankful for the years ahead...waiting in anticipation for who he will become, because I have a feeling he will be nothing like Seth.

So thankful for these two boys...these two bundles of joy! I am BLESSED! So thankful for many years to come...watching them grow into Godly men!


The Saunders Family said...

Keep loving those boys, they are adorable and have a wonderful mama!