Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Season of Thanksgiving--8

Well...you didn't think I was going to be sappy the whole 10 days...surely I'm thankful for something practical. Well...today...that practical "thankful" gift was solidified...in this season of thanksgiving...yes, I'm thankful for insurance!

--thankful that when I pull a complete "dumb" move...take a corner too tight and get a little too cozy with a yellow concrete pole...when my van now has very yellow artwork all down the side and a few dings...that we have auto insurance. Yeah...I win the idiot of the day award...and as Andy keeps asking...why didn't I stop instead of keep going. Not sure...thought I would pull out of it...but I didn't.

--thankful that after this weekend...that I don't have to be worried about heading to the ER or Redimed...that we have insurance to cover it (well most of it anyway)

--thankful for the bounty of insurance coverage that Kate was under...thankful that after all those hospital stays...after over a million dollars of bills...that we have NO medical debt.

--thankful for that amazing AFLAC intensive care insurance that Andy signed up for years ago...his first year of teaching...thankful for that little duck that helped ease the strain of living in other cities for months and gave us a little cushion

Yes...insurance is a wonderful thing...especially when you need it!

And really...only 6 people read my blog? Come on people...EVERYONE needs to leave a comment on my last post (Thanksgiving 7)...JUST THIS ONCE....PLEASE!!!


Melissa said...

I still remember sitting in Kate's room talking to you about her medical bills and being outraged how much things are charged. I thought I was going to change the world, or at least my little corner of it, and I got no where! Everyone looked at me like I was nuts when I told them we needed to change things! Oh well, I tried!

Kristen said...

wow I can't imagine that much medical costs, you are so lucky & blessed that you don't have a medical debt. I spent 9 years selling insurance, health/life, & property. I can't tell you how many times people told me what a waste the money was etc.... people just don't understand it's the "what if's" in life where it will come to play.

oh, sorry about your newly painted van! lol That would be me too, I'd keep on driving instead of stopping!

Shari said...

Well, if I have a chance to win something, I am QUICK to respond!! :o) No, just kidding. I tried before to send a comment and couldn't get it to go through. Had to have help from my hubby to figure out the "Google Account" thingy. Anyway, Krista, as you know, I LOVE your blogs and am so thankful for the inspiration they have been to myself and many others! Keep up the good work and have a blessed Thanksgiving!

"Bo" said...

So, here we are. Lots of comments and lots of friends! I am so thankful for our new friendship. I have been blessed to be your friend! Happy Thanksgiving to a special family! -Lori