Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Season of Thanksgiving--9

Well...I've been putting this one off...not sure how I can put all my gratitude into words...I just don't think there is the right words that will truly express my feelings toward Kate and her legacy, Kate's Kart.

I'm sure to miss a bunch of things...but here are just a few

--thankful that her heart defect was not discovered early...that we had 16 hours to love on her...and hold her...and everyone got to meet her...before everything changed

--thankful that she had some very good days...thankful that we were able to take her to the the Santa the apple orchard...Kate had the chance to swing in the backyard and go swimming in a pool.

--thankful for the doctors and nurses who gave us extra precious time with her
--thankful for the days when I was the one that could console her...I was her mommy and she knew it and loved me!
--thankful for the opportunity to dress my little princes up in adorable dresses

--thankful that we had the chance to say "goodbye"
And then there is Kate's! I am so thankful for this. Honestly...I can't imagine not having Kate's Kart. It has (partially) filled a has made me has brought me has made a has assured me that Kate's life mattered and she is continually making a difference...a HUGE difference. I would tell anyone who has lost a something significant to help others in your child's memory. You will be will heal.

--thankful for over 22,355 smiles on the faces of book recipients

--thankful for the amazing volunteers...handing out books, planning ice cream socials, labeling books, counting books, serving on board of directors

--thankful for the continued donations...even amidst the "economic downturn"...Kate's Kart is doing okay...we have continued people donating...and people who contribute regularly.
--thankful I get the chance to do presentations and tell Kate's story...over and over again. People ask me how I do it...honestly, I could talk about Kate all day.
--thankful for the emails and letters we get...solidifying that Kate's Kart is having an impact...parents are encouraged, kids are encouraged...during a difficult time...glimpses of "normalcy" are be handed out...over and over again.
I am thankful...I miss her...but I am thankful for her and her life and her legacy