Sunday, November 21, 2010

Season Of Thanksving--5

Well...yesterday's post is a little late...I think I have reason. Yesterday afternoon...all of a sudden... I had the most excruciating pain radiating through my my upper abdomen...Within minutes...when Andy asked...I said "YES!"to... "Do you want me to take you to the ER?" We were in Portland...and their little bitty "bandaid" hospital was understaffed and way busy. So...2.5 hours later..after the pain has subsided...and we had no answers...we decided to just go home. After a trip to Redimed today...still not sure what was going on...maybe some kind of stone, maybe some kind of intestinal issue...who knows...but fortunately I am feeling much much better.

So...yesterday my thoughts went to my family...specifically my parents and inlaws
--thankful for Cathy and Ted who were so gracious and understanding when Andy, Grant and I left early and weren't able to stay for Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday. I felt SO was going to be a first meal with all of Ted's family. I'm sorry Cathy! Seth was our stand-in and represented our family for us.
--thankful for a mom and dad I can call at anytime...for whatever reason
--thankful for parents who "brought me up right" and built amazing memories for me...many times which I'm sure included countless sacrifices

--thankful for a mom who is a best friend

--thankful for a dad who watches out for me...and makes me feel like his "daddy's little girl"...even when I'm 40!

--thankful for grandparents who adore my kids and will watch them almost everytime I ask. (What a blessing to not have to pay for sitters...we only have 2x in 6+years of parenting). Wow...they watch them at work...they drive over an hour...they give up their plans...they take them camping...they keep them for weekends...they take them to Disneyworld...they give them a week on the beach with their cousins. So thankful they are intentionally building wonderful memories with my kids.
--thankful for all the amazing love and support they showed during Kate's illness...they were where we needed them and questions asked...once again...putting their schedules on hold

--thankful that Cathy and Larry raised a G0d-fearing, hard-working son.
--thankful for the adorable matching outfits Cathy buys for the boys :) Just wait until Christmas!

and...Doug and Amy...I'm thankful for you too...and for cousins that Seth adores! Thankful that we can build those family memories together with our own families.


The Saunders Family said...

so glad the pain disappeared and it just could possibly be that you had some gas/bloating. I have had some pretty painful episodes myself.
Praise God for such a wonderful family!