Wednesday, December 1, 2010

17 Months

Wednesday, December 1

17 months old

At 17 months Grant:
--needs a haircut
--has added "more," "me," "duck"( but this isn't in reference to a's about anything) and something that kinda sounds like "book". He definitely has lots of sounds and is trying to make words
--is a very determined pointer and grunter when he wants something
--is very aware of sweets and says "me me me" whenever Seth gets a sweet
--has no stranger anxiety...will stay with anyone...never cries when he is left (in fact, he cries when I pick him up from childwatch)
--is starting to's kinda in between a walk and run...a little bit of a trot
--knows his nose, hair and toes...and sometimes his ear, mouth and tummy
--is a climber...climbs on tables, toilet tanks, couches...if it can be climbed...he climbs it
--is a dipper...loves chips in salsa/ranch or carrots in hummus or french fries in ketsup
--colored his first picture
--loves loves loves wrestling with his big brother...whenever Seth is laying down....Grant jumps on top of him

--can stack stacking cups to make a tower
--wears his caregivers out...especially Nana & Grandma
--loves throwing things away...he will pick up trash around the house and throw it away...but we have to be careful because sometimes "good" stuff gets thrown away too

--is fascinated with the toilet...always puts the seat cover down when he walks by
--ate his first Thanksgiving dinner...loved stuffing and especially sweet potatoes
--is going to keep us on our toes when the Christmas tree goes up


The Saunders Family said...

Don't know if it would be an option for you due to tree/ceiling height, but a friend I know put her tree up on a table, of course Grant would probably figure out a way to still get to the tree, but just a thought.
Anna was really interested at first, but after a couple of days, just takes a few ornaments off here and there, but all the bottom is pretty harmless stuff anyway.