Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The bug hit hard at our house!

So it's been quite a week...

Last Wednesday was our church Children's Ministry Christmas party. It was a pajama theme...we sang songs...watched a movie...played a few games...and had a pajama contest. There was a leader contest...I didn't know how to be super creative...so I pulled out Grant's paci. Well...that was enough to get the judges attention and I won! The things I'll do for a gift card and some new jammies. Here is me and a few of the kid winners!

Thursday night I had a Christmas party for a small group of women I'm in. It was a fun night...sharing traditions...having a gift exchange...swapping cookies. It was relaxing...and fun...until I came home to find out that Grant had just thrown up...all over the crib...the floor..himself.

Well..he continued throwing up for the next 3 hours...every 15 minutes...I felt so bad for him. He was really pretty good about it...he just wanted to be held...so it was a late late night.

Thankfully Nana came to the rescue so that I could drop off some stuff at my MOPS meeting and then later came back so I could go get a $700 check from a school assembly that collected money for Kate's Kart. Friday night was pretty low key...just hanging out at home.
Saturday, Grant was doing better. We putzed around the house...got a lot of jobs done...made an 8 layer cake for my nephews birthday party...and around 6 Andy said, "I'm going to bed!" and he was there for the rest of the night. A couple hours later...Grant was throwing up again ...and within another couple hours I joined the club! I tell you having the flu is NO Fun...and especially when you have little ones to tend to!
Thankfully, Nana and Oompa came to the rescue again and took Seth and the cake to Lucas's birthday on Sunday. The rest of us slept. I've never seen Grant so docile...he literally laid on my lap for hours and we both watched tv and slept.
Today...Grant and I were feeling much much better. We did some serious cleaning (except does anyone local have a carpet cleaning machine...Grant's room STINKS) I even got some Christmas shopping done. Andy felt better this morning and went shopping...but I think he overdid it and is suffering the consequences tonight.

It always figures that we get sick over Christmas...but thankful that Seth never got it (knock on wood) and that it didn't happen at the end of the week.

We're almost ready...just a few more things to buy tomorrow...most of the presents are finally wrapped (it was killing Seth not to have any presents under the tree) and the goodies have been made. It'll be nice to have a couple days to relax and enjoy each other before the weekend.


Kristen said...

I thought for sure I saw your family this weekend.... well, at least your husband. He has a twin in Kansas City! :-)

Shannon said...

You can rent the carpet cleaners at Lowes and Scotts grocery. They are pretty cheap and easy to use. Glad you are all feeling better! Have a good Christmas :o)

Laura said...

Glad to hear you are all starting to feel better. I'm pretty sure my mom and dad have a carpet scrubber...give them a call! They would probably not only deliver it, but offer to clean the carpet as well!