Thursday, December 30, 2010


We were right...Grant was up at 5:45 again. We tried hard to get him back to sleep...but he was ready to go. We got ready and walked a few blocks to a corner bakery for breakfast! Very yummy. Back to the hotel to finish packing and we headed out of Chicago to Legoland.

Grant LOVES toothbrushes...he thought this was pretty cool.

Chicago made out of legos...WAY COOL!

Grant played with some legos...they were everywhere!
Andy and Seth rode on a ride

We also saw a 4D movie...went in a simulated lego making factory, went on a dragon ride and battled the crowds. It was a very cool place..but they were not designed to be as busy as they were. There was no way to form organized was so hard to even move around and there was a 3 hour wait for the lego building. We knew it would probably be busy over break...but it took away so much of the fun of it. The line waiting to get in when we left was crazy! But it was fun and Seth and Grant enjoyed it!
We headed home...hoping to find a place to eat. Well...we got into BAD traffic coming back through Chicago...and there was NO option for a family friendly place to eat. We gobbled up the few snacks we had...tried pacifying Grant...and finally made it to a Red Robin in Valparaiso. We did make an earlier stop at Wendy's...but based on the food/garbage on the dining room floor opted to get back on the road and push our luck.
It was a LONG LONG drive home...but we made it...glad to be back in our warm and cozy house!
We had a great time...the boys were SUPER, the weather cooperated (it never rained on us or was bitterly cold).


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great time.