Thursday, December 30, 2010


We packed up and headed out of town around 11...stopped for a quick lunch and arrived in Chicago very easily (thanks to our new Garmin!) We checked into our fancy dancy hotel in downtown (thanks to Priceline). After moving the $50 bottle of vodka and $3 bag of M&M's off the dresser (YIKES!) we all rested (mainly due to the fact that Grant didn't sleep all the way...he seems to sense when exciting things are going to happen).

We walked to Rainforest Cafe for dinner. We had gone there 2 years ago when we were last in Chicago and (of course) Seth remembered and wanted to go again. It's a very kid friendly place and we enjoyed a great dinner and the cool scenery!

Then...we hit the streets of Chicago! We walked down State Street and checked out Macy's.

including the very cool Christmas tree up on the 8th floor and then rode the escalators all the way down!

and of course the window display. This year it was "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, made completely out of paper!

After a quick stop for a treat on the way back...we were back in the hotel, bathed and snuggled in our cushy beds.