Thursday, December 9, 2010

Date Night and Snow Fun

Guess I better make another promise for intentional blogging...or another week goes by and I've shared nothing.

We've been busy...the boys spent Friday night at Grandma & Ted's so Andy and I had our 2nd date night of the week. Wednesday night (Dec. 1st) we went to see Celtic Thunder. I loved it...I love their music and 1/2 the show was Christmas music which was a great way to kick off the holiday season. Now...I must clarify, when I say I loved it...I was by no means one of the middle aged women screaming uncontrollably over these guys. I'm serious...they have quite the following. Me...I just felt lucky to see them live and enjoy some fun great music with my husband (who tolerated it for me...isn't he so sweet). Nana stayed with the boys. So when it came to Friday night having had our big night out on the town...we just grabbed a quick dinner and did some shopping. And...slept in till 10:30 on Saturday...GLORIOUS!!!!
We've also been busy with Kate's Kart stuff....I spent an afternoon driving all over northern Indiana visiting 3 hospitals Karts...we had our annual meeting...we had our book fair at Barnes and Noble...we've bought tons of books...I've had several speaking engagements (one in Indy)...and we're starting hospital #13 tomorrow! It's crazy stuff!

Sunday/Monday came our first significant snowfall. It was freezing...but we did take the boys outside for a few minutes. Grant appeared to enjoy himself...even though he couldn't move with all his gear. always loved the snow and has spent several days playing outside in the snow. I'm anxious for the day when it's not freezing and we can get Grant out in it. What is fun now...he tries to grab the snowflakes whenever we're outside.