Monday, December 13, 2010

Decorating the Tree and Santa

Saturday we finally got our tree up...we had about 5 minutes of this...the boys sitting nicely hanging ornaments on the tree (well, actually, Grant would just chuck them at the tree...hoping they would stay)

but after just a few turned into this: yes, more wrestlingwhich resulted in Andy and I doing most of the decorating except for an occasional hanging by Seth...until Grant came and attacked him again.

But when it came to the star...Seth was insistent that it was his turn (as he has always put on the angel)

But Grant felt that it was his turn...and if Seth was doing it...then he wanted to do it too!

In the end...the tree was up and decorated and very beautiful. Snow was on the ground...Christmas music was playing...perfect for a little Christmas cheer!

That night...we had some friends over for supper and then headed to the the fairgrounds for their Country Christmas. Santa (and a very good Santa, I must add) was there! didn't cost for pictures. YEAH! At first, Grant didn't want much to do with him...

but soon he settled smiles...but at the same more screaming

Even after sitting on his lap...and getting a candy cane...Grant was still pretty weary of the the jolly old guy! The kids did some crafts...and then usually they have horse drawn wagon rides out to the barn...well it was we drove out there. The kids had a blast seeing the animals..llamas, goats, cows, sheep...

and petting the softest bunny EVER!


Kristen said...

that looks like a wonderful weekend! I can't get over how similar our boys are! I feel like all we have is wrestling, and whatever Logan does Riley must also do... so funny!