Thursday, December 9, 2010

Just a fun day!

Tonight we went and picked out our Christmas tree...we just went to a local fire station that sells them. I am really looking forward to maybe a year or two when we can go out and chop one down...have cocoa and start another fun family tradition. It was a little more fun than last year when Grant slept through it and it was freezing bitter cold. We're looking forward to decorating it on Saturday...and seeing how long the ornaments stay on with our little (un)decorator.

Then..after dinner...the boys had yet another wrestling fest. I love watching them...even though the brick fireplace makes me nervous. Grant just gets right in there with Seth and Andy...I can't imagine what it will be like in 5 more years. Seriously, we will need a wrestling mat set up in the basement (too bad we don't have one...a mat or basement). Grant's favorite move...sitting on your head.

Then tonight...while watching some holiday shows on TV (love that) I finished these shirts I started on Wednesday at a MOPS play date. Aren't they cute? I've gotta dress them alike now...cause I'm sure in 5 years when they are wrestling on the mat in our make believe basement...they will have NOTHING to do with homemade shirts...let alone matching ones. But for now...they'll be so cute!
Plus...throw in some craft time with Seth during naptime...some one on one time with Grant this morning...and watching the Office Christmas show with my's just been a fun day.


Anonymous said...

Aren't you the crafty one!

Kristen said...

those wrestling pictures remind me of my household! Logan is 6 and Riley is 2, Riley doesn't hesitate to jump right on into a wrestling match! It's fun to watch but nerve wracking as heck too!