Wednesday, December 22, 2010

LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of lights!

I think we're all (finally) for the most part better. I'm still a little weary to give Grant milk...just gave him 2oz at dinner. He kept that down so will try more tomorrow. We finished our shopping yesterday...presents are all wrapped (minus 1 that better come in the mail)...goodies are baked and being given away. Barring a quick trip to the grocery to get a few things for Christmas Eve and Christmas day brunch...we are ready for Christmas. With all the presents under the tree...Seth can hardly wait. I really want to work hard the next 2 days in keeping the focus on the birth of Christ and away from the presents...but that's a chore with a 6 year old.

Tonight after dinner...we drove around and looked at lights. I had heard about a house on Electric Avenue...googled it... and it was well worth the drive into town! I say...either go classy...or go over the top tacky...and this guy went TACKY! I've never seen anything like this...he had it all divided into themes...nutcrackers, Santas, carolers, nativity...he even had all the lights choreographed to music on his own radio station...Seth and I loved it! I can't even imagine storing, setting up or tearing down! Grateful for others who make the effort to bring us joy. If you live in town...make the trip to Electric Avenue (near Broadway & Taylor).

Since we were downtown...we bundled up...saw Santa and walked down to the wreath. Grant loved it and kept pointing...Seth is always up for an adventure.

I love the expression on his face...he was so excited to see the lights

Tomorrow...I'm spending the morning at the Kate's Kart storage shed (it's a mess) then Andy and I are taking Seth to a movie! Should be a fun (and hopefully productive) day!


Kristen said...

my kids both have the stomach bug, started with the 6yr old on Tuesday night, then last night little Riley must have thrown up in his sleep cause he was covered in it this morning. Gross I know! Enjoy the holiday!