Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Tuesday night Seth's school rented out a local ice rink for a skating party. One of my friend's picked me and Seth up and she and her boys and Seth and I grabbed a quick dinner at Burger King...then we were off to the rink. Seth had just skated on Sunday at his cousin's birthday he still had his "ice legs" even though this doesn't look like it! He really tries hard...never gives matter how many times he fell. If we can keep him doing it on a regular basis this winter....he may actually get the hang of it. Luckily we scored some great skates at our church resale this we even have the skates.
The only bad thing...I didn't even think of if being FREEZING in there. Poor guy...his jeans were soaked after a 90 minutes of skating. I wish I would have dressed him better (and myself too) but we had a blast and it was a fun night with some of his buddies from school.