Wednesday, February 24, 2010

34 Weeks

34 Weeks
Wednesday, February 24
At 34 weeks Grant:

--went to his first semi-pro basketball game
--ate a biter biscuit for the first time...and made a complete mess...and completely loved it
--shakes his head "no"--doesn't mean anything yet...but he thinks it's funny
--is taking long (3-4 hour) naps in the afternoon if gets the chance (and quiet) to sleep as long as he wants
--has conversations with you...mostly sounds like he's screaming at you
--has total control of his pacy and get put it in his mouth whenever he wants (except in the middle of the night)
--has slept through the night a few times this week
--continues to adore his older brother
--has the cutest little profile
--is told at least once everytime we are out how cute he is by strangers

And yet another week

And yet another week has flown by...really...are we on the last week of February? I guess we get so busy in doing just the "normal" stuff...there just doesn't seem like a lot to "blog" about. The top 3 of the week:
1. Andy's knee...last Wednesday he came home and could barely walk on it...he went to Redimed and that doc said he needed to see an ortho doc. Well...he went and luckily he just has some torn cartilage (as opposed to a tear that would have needed surgery, which is what the Redimed doc was leaning toward). He got some anti-swelling meds and is doing much better after a rough couple days.
2. Sunday was Upward Night at the Mad Ants Basketball Game. Seth was really into it...and of course, Grant was superbaby and just sat and watched it all (although he did cry whenever the crowd yelled really really loud). Since it was Upward Night, all the players got to go down on the courtside for the halftime show which was Benny the Bull from the Chicago Bulls along w/ some acrobatic was a neat perspective to see it from eye level!

3. Tuesday night was Dad's Night at Seth's preschool...the theme this year was Western Night...don't my boys look so cute! They had lots of fun playing games and eating trailmix around the fire while singing songs!Add in some house cleaning (including moving the stove...YUCK!), some Olympic watching, Andy working late hours, some Kate's Kart presentations, haircuts and having a somewhat regular exercise routine at the's been a full week.

P.S...I did run a mile for the first time today...usually I do the elliptical machine...but have started running a little and I was so proud of myself today. I really don't think I have ever run a mile...not even in 5th grade gym glass. I am actually enjoying my workouts and look forward to my time at the gym! I've got a whole lot more years of keeping up w/ 2 little feels good to be getting back (not that I ever was) in shape!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

33 Weeks

Wednesday, February 17
33 Weeks

At 33 weeks Grant:

--has 5 teeth! Two upper ones poked through....looking at him...the one to the right of his front well as his other front one! Actually, the one on the side is further along!

--celebrated his daddy's 41st b-day

--had someone else (besides mommy) put him to bed for the night for the 1st time ---thanks Nana & Oompa

--loves his pumpkins/pears & sweet potatoes/corn combos at meals

--got his H1N1 & Seasonal Flu booster shots

--is doing much better at pushing up on his arms

--but is still very content to just sit

--loves to sit & play and watch his brother play Wii which allows mommy to get a shower & put away laundry

Monday, February 15, 2010


Occasionally...Andy or I will google "Kate's Kart" just to see what we find. Besides the stuff we know about...sometimes we see links to blogs...sometimes of friends, sometimes not. Once we even found something in Korean. Well...Friday, night we were blown away.

While searching, Andy ran across this NPR article. It was written by a Washington Post correspondant who had lost his 2 adult sons in a car accident. The article focused on families who had lost a child and how they dealt w/ their grief. Too the left..there is an insert...3 links to families' websites....and there was Kate and her Karts! We have NO idea how they heard about us or found us...I'm guessing just from our awesome website (thanks Laura). We just emailed the author, thanking him and asking him how he heard about us...

and then....a reporter from the Muncie Star Press also did a photo story on the Kate's Kart in Muncie at Ball Memorial...she got some AWESOME photos of kids enjoying the books and Karts.

I guess it's contagious...I'm starting to get a little nervous...exactly HOW BIG is this gonna get? I guess it's all up to God (with a little help from his special little angel!)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

What a Weekend...

What a fun weekend...packed full of family, fun & festivities!

Friday night we went to our Sunday School class 80's party. We are relatively new to the class...but had a great time getting to know some of them and reminiscing about those good ole' days of the 80's. I had NO idea what to wear...the best I could do was pull out my album editor sweatshirt from my 88 senior yearbook, peg leg my jeans and get my hair the biggest I could (I was out of Aquanet). We played the 80's version of Scene It...Andy knew just about every answer...It was a lot of fun. Nana & Oompa came over and watched the boys...and even put them to bed! It was the first night I hadn't put Grant down since he was born....He did just fine and slept great all night!
Saturday morning we were up bright and early and at Seth's Upward Basketball game and then off to the Y for a workout. Grandma came early afternoon and stayed w/ the boys so that Andy & I could go on a "date" for his b-day/Valentine's Day. We ate some yummy stirfry at Flattop and then went to see Leap Year at the bargain theatre. Then a little furniture we are hoping to redo our family room after our tax rebate. Currently our furniture is a green plaid which I love...but now, all the furniture is boring plain brown...well at least the furniture that you don't have to special order! I guess that means my style is "out of style." We were hoping to not have to repaint...but we're not having much luck finding furniture to match...UGGGH!
Sunday...Grandma spent the night on Sat. and we all went to church. Ted came early afternoon after his grandson's b-ball game and we all went out to eat for Andy's b-day (his b-day was more like a festival) and had some cake. The rest of the day was full of a little Monopoly...a little Olympic watching...baths and just some fun family time. Now back at it for another week! Glad we had such a great weekend to get rejuvenated!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!

It's daddy's birthday today! YEAH FOR DADDY! Luckily, he got to sleep in thanks to a weather delay...then tonight we'll celebrate after basketball with dinner at Casa and some cake & icecream!
I'm so glad I married you...thanks for all you do and are for our family!
We love you!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

32 Weeks

Wednesday, February 10
32 Weeks At 32 weeks Grant...
--has the most beautiful blue eyes
--moved out of his infant car carrier (BOO HOO!) and into a rear facing baby seat! (I forgot to get a picture) I can't believe his infant carrier is in the attic! He was too long and too HEAVY to haul that thing around! Plus, being the social guy he is...he wants to be up and see what's going on where ever we go!
--easily puts away 3 jars of food at both lunch and dinner...and 1 jar and a big bowl of cereal for breakfast....PIGGY!
--nurses 3 times a day
--poops at least 5 times a day (really, is this normal)
--ate a real banana (mushed up of course)
--pretty much has tried all the jarred foods
--loves it when his brother feeds him

--still wakes up several times throughout the night...I have NO idea why!
--is taking better naps in the afternoon--sometimes 2-3 hours long
--has a really thick strip of dark hair going right down the middle of his head
--is really thinking about playing "so big" can see the wheels turning when I ask him how big he is
--has started this very cute raspberry noise...does it constantly
--has discovered how to grind his 3 teeth
--has discovered kitty...and tries to "play" with her

Snow Day Fun!

We've had 2 days of being snowed in... Lots of time for board games, Wii and of course...some good ole playing in the snow!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's Only a Game

We've been having some teaching moments with Seth lately...teaching him that it's okay to lose! He's become quite competitive sports, games... He keeps track of EVERYTHING and knows who is winning! And...when he doesn't "win" there is quite a bit of....let's just say...DRAMA! (My mom says it's from me...and that I was that way when I was younger! Me...never!)

Anyway...we've really had to work with him to avoid the tears when he loses...he is such an emotional guy...the tears flow often, especially when he's made a mistake...or is sad...or loses...or is tired...gets beat in a game...etc, etc, etc!

Well...he's been into football this year...watching the Colts with daddy on Sundays. He often wants to go on to track the records of each team. He could tell you the team with the best record and the one with the worst.

Last night...after the ill fated fumble that resulted in the touchdown securing the Saints lead...the tears immediately began flowing! I told him it's okay...he continued to cry, whereupon I said: "do you just want to go to bed?" (We were bad parents and told him he could stay up & watch it) He immediately ran upstairs, jumped into bed and SOBBED! I mean...can't catch your breath sobbing! Poor guy...I feel for him (I know what it's like to be emotional)...but wow!

Well...he didn't' ask this morning....I guess it's more or less, "I don't want to talk about it". Later today....he did say it was "okay and now the Saints got to win a Superbowl!"

Ah...the joys of parenting...and here I thought the emotions were only with the girls!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Books Books Books

It's been one of those weeks of those weeks when there are books all over our house and we're making multiple trips to the storage unit. Everyday I am still amazed...amazed at what is happening with Kate's Kart. Last week I picked up several tubs of books from a (new) friend who is a book salesman and had a book/fund drive all last fall. We were blessed with a load of really cool interactive books...they won't last long at all! I also picked up several hundred books from a preschool that collected for us during January... and today...I had a few minutes to I picked up 145 board books at TJ Maxx...nothing like filling 2 shopping carts with books...the looks I get!

And oh yeah...remember those 1000 board books I ordered...they showed up a week ago...I was a little freaked out when this pulled up to our house.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought we would be receiving shipments of's absolutely INSANE (in a good way!) But....since we are passing out over 1000 books a month...they go fast!

I really don't know how to put it in words the feelings I see Kate's Kart signs on school display google "Kate's Kart" only to find it on people's hear about a school PTO doing a fundraiser at an out of town movie hear that an out-of-town newspaper is running a story about the kart in their town!

It's a good thing...and what's even better is that we are getting repeat donations. Schools, people, organizations....who donated last year are donating again! Kate's Kart is here to stay... It's awesome...awesome...awesome. I won't's a lot of work...but it's awesome!

Yesterday it was my turn to work a hospital...I really wanted to get in my comfy clothes and watch some tv...but I went and as always...was blessed by the reaction of the kids and parents. The hospital was packed...2 in every room...and there were many families who needed a little smile...a little diversion...and they got it...all in the form of a book. It was 2 hours well spent!

Who would have ever thought...and oh yeah...we'll have more books tomorrow as I have to pick up boxes another school collected...I am humbled!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

31 Weeks

Wednesday, February 3
31 Weeks (7 Months +2 days)

At 31 weeks Grant...
--got his 3rd tooth...the top right one popped through
--shakes his head "no"...not for any reason....just because he can
--can take his hat off when not fastened around his neck...he's not a fan of his warm snuggly doggy hat
--is still waking up through out the night...still cries for extended periods of time...mommy is not always consistent with baby boot camp
--can stand on his own (against a table/toy)...for a significant amount of time
--still has no interest in tummy time or pushing up while on his tummy
--sat in a restaurant high chair for the first time
--has been sniffling this week
--is loved on wherever he goes...everyone loves church, the Y, MOPS
--is mommy's little helper...went with her for 3 Kate's Kart presentations this week
--went swimming at the Y for the first time...loved the water...he kicked and kicked and kicked!
--is the cutest thing when sleeping...found him like this during a nap one day. I love the hand behind the head and one through the blankie

--LOVES LOVES LOVES being held