Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter...Take 1

We headed down to Grandma & Ted's Sunday after church to celebrate Easter. We all dined on some yummy traditional Easter food, including Grandma's famous bunny cake! After lunch...Seth went on a hunt for all the eggs and the baskets...he was having a lot of fun finding eggs & clues all over their house! What a surprise to find 2 baskets full of goodies at the end of the hunt!
Seth loved his basket...including his new USA puzzle, treats, summer clothes and games.
Grant too, was excited about his 1st Easter Basket....some yummy puffs, toys and some adorable summer clothes.
Grandma sure does know how to spoil her 2 little boys! We stayed the afternoon...took a few naps...played games...watched some basketball and enjoyed some family time together.
Grant is still on breating treatments...but has made a huge turn-around and has his spunk back!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Change of Plans...

A trip to the peds doctor Friday afternoon confirmed that our little Grant had bronchiolitis. He had been coughing, running a fever for 3 days, not eating well and was pretty lethargic...not his normal happy little self. But...we have given him 5 breathing treatments and the little guy is making a very quick turn-around. Tonight...he was playing and smiling. YEAH...it's great to have our little happy guy back.

But...we did cancel our family Easter plans for today. We were celebrating early w/ my family since everyone (but us) is headed to the warm south for spring break.
In an attempt to make it up to Seth (he just LOVES it whenever he can get together with his cousins) we jumped on the opportunity to go the 1st annual Walgreens Easter Egg Hunt! Yep...Walgreens! It was cute...there were 5 baskets scattered through the store...he had to find them and take an egg. Then...he took his basket (aka a Walgreens plastic bag) to a table and exchanged it for a bag of prizes! After guessing how many jelly beans were in a jar and getting his picture taken....we had pretty much exhausted the events. But...Seth thought is was fun (who doesn't love getting free candy) and it was his favorite part of the day! How awesome to have such easily entertained kids!
Finding eggs amidst the shaving needsGuessing the jellybeans in the jarThe loot...not bad, actually!

Fortunately, Grant is doing well enough that we can head to Grandma & Ted's tomorrow for Easter...since they too are going out of town for Easter!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Intriguing Minds Want to Know....

"What's the longest road in the world?"
"Where's the smallest town?"
"What color is there the most of in the world?"
"What color is there the 2nd most of?"
"Can you be allergic to shirts?"
"How many trees are there in the world?"
"How many kinds of cats are there?"
"Where's the smallest house? Where's the biggest house"?
"Where does Ft. Wayne stop?"
"How many games are there in the world?"
"What CD has the most songs on it?"
"How many books are there?"
"What's the most popular book?"

So...if you have the answer to any of the above and can help me out...I think my 5 year old son would appreciate a real answer as opposed to: "I have no idea Seth" or "We'll have to look that one up on the computer" Except.. I did answer the Bible for the last one. I love that he is always thinking..but really, the questions he comes up with astound me. As you can see... most of them are centered around biggest/most...everything is a competition! The thing is...he gets so frustrated with me when I don't know the answers...he says: "Just tell me" ( I guess I should cherish these moments when he thinks I do know everything) I have a feeling...he's got one of those "thinking" brains...nothing is going to get past him! Let's start praying now he uses it all for good!

38 Weeks

Wednesday, March 24
38 Weeks
(this is the best I could get in the 45 minutes he was feeling okay today)

At 38 weeks, Grant

--is battling his first major sickness...including a "makes him gag" cough, fever, runny nose. Poor guy...you can tell he just feels terrible
--had his first non-well visit w/ the doctor...at that point it was just a cold...hoping it doesn't turn into anything else
--weighed in at 20lb 2oz at the doctor
--took his first medicine (fever & cough) (besides gas drops in the first few months)
--loves to snuggle, snuggle, snuggle when not feeling well
--still has an appetite during his sickness
--joined the family in Friday night Pizza Night
--LOVES bread
--ate his first restaurant food--he was lovin' on Bob Evans rolls, carrots, mashed potatoes & pancakes!
--is eating table food at each meal...but still tops it off w/ a couple jars of baby food
--nurses 3 x a day
--rolls around and flips himself around when it comes time for a diaper change
--is SO close to crawling...he wants to so badly!
--went on a picnic at the park w/ his brother's preschool class

Monday, March 22, 2010

Monster Trucks have struck again!

They were back in town....and Seth wanted to go SO BADLY!
We really debated about "giving in" and "indulging" our 5 year old. Really...WE don't get to
go to everything WE want...but in the end, after some really nice asking....daddy & Seth went. After all...monster trucks have been one of his obsessions for quite a while now...going on a year!
Well...he sat on the edge of his seat and loved every minute of it. And now...the love for the monster truck has been reignited and they are so lovingly placed all over his bedroom...all 30 some of them.
As for me and Grant...well, we stayed home and did laundry and a little scrapbooking.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

37 Weeks

Wednesday, March 17
37 Weeks

At 37 weeks Grant:

--is eating table food...okay, maybe he's just pushing it around, playing with it in his mouth and then spitting it out into his bib/highchair. But...he can pick it up and get it in his mouth...but the texture startles him and almost instantly, his tongue shoots it out. I do think he is getting some of it though. He's trying and interested, so that's good. His favorites so far are macaroni and cheese, broccoli and bread.
--still puts away 3 jars of food at a sitting...even after munching on puffs, cheerios and table food
--kicks his feet like a wild man when he sees mommy after I've been gone...or when he doesn't want to be in bed
--has had a cough...for like 2.5 weeks now...doesn't seem to bother him
--is rolling EVERYWHERE...I can't trust him to stay put anymore. He knows how to get from sitting onto his back/tummy and then he's off! He loves to be under couches!
--is putting weight on his arms...testing them for crawling, I hope!
--went swimming at the Y for the 2nd time
--is quickly out growing his 12 month one piece winter outfits...spring better be here soon
--went furniture shopping w/ mom & dad...and was AWESOME!
--loves pulling off his socks, especially in the carseat
--played with his cousins at a family birthday celebration
--has almost got the "how big is Grant" trick...he does it about 1/2 the time!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

36 Weeks

Wednesday, March 10
36 Weeks


--tried "table" food for the first time...some peas. I thought he was doing well with them....until I picked him up and saw the pile on his seat. Overall...though, he did well grabbing them and "munching" on them.

--will push him arm through a shirt

--waves "hello"

--spent an evening w/ Nana & Oompa while mommy & daddy had date night

--overall...is sleeping well through the night (knock on wood)

--LOVES LOVES LOVES paper...he gets so mad when you take it away

--is just a happy, very content little kid who gets complimented on his behavior everytime he stays with someone (Childwatch at Y, church nursery, MOPS)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Upward Finale

Saturday was Seth's last Upward Game...it's hard to believe the season is over already. He has made tremendous progress this year...it's amazing how much better he is at handling the ball. He played on the kindergarten league...so he was the youngest and by the end of the season, some of the older kids got a little more aggressive and assertive with the ball and rebounding. But overall, Seth had a great time and always gave 100% effort.
They were assigned wristbands and had to "guard" the kid on the opposing team with matching wristbands...sometimes that meant just chasing each other around the court. It was cute. Once again, we were blessed with a great coach who really encouraged Seth. And now...a few weeks off until baseball! We're all sleeping in this Saturday!
Then...on Sunday afternoon, the Upward League rented out Crazy Pinz and all the kids got an hour to go bowling with their team. Also...they were given arcade money, a cupcake and a pass to play miniature golf. It was a fun way to celebrate a great season w/ the leopards!

35 Weeks

35 Weeks
Wednesday, March 3 (2 days past 8 months)

--ate "puffs" for the first time. It's quite a chore to get them in his mouth...but when he does, he does really well with them.
--had his picture in the FW paper (9th row...last one on the right) all the entries are on the website, however just the top 20 are in the paper (and he made the paper!)
--pretty consistently takes one good nap a day---2-3 hours in the afternoon...no more morning naps (barring a cat nap in the van going to get Seth from school)
--can magically scoot himself around a room, while remaining in a seated position
--had a pretty bad cough/cold all week
--has begun drooling again...more teeth?
--has those 3 teeth on top really showing now
--slept through the night almost all week (YEAH!)
--can make all kinds of fun noises with his mouth
--gets compliments on his hat almost everywhere we go
--waves "hello"...so cute, I must get a video of it
--loves standing
--loves bathtime
--no longer has a bald spot on the back of his head
--is growing up way too fast for mommy!

Happy Birthday Dr. Suess

It was Dr. Suess day at school the other day...Seth was "Cat in the Hat" while his buddy went as Thing 1!
And now...Seth is going through another one of his obsessions: Dr. Suess books! It's off to the library we go tomorrow, because the 4 we own aren't sufficient!