Wednesday, April 28, 2010

43 Weeks

Wednesday, April 28
43 Weeks
At 43 Weeks Grant:

--is crawling! I don't know whether to be happy or sad. It means he's growing....which means he's growing up! It means he's mobile...which means I have to be more mobile chasing after him. Overall it's a great thing and he is so stickin' cute to watch...I love it!

--is giggling when watching Seth (and his friends) do something funny
--went to the zoo...loved the goats. He was very alert and watching all that was going on
--does raspberries
--spent most of the weekend with daddy while mommy worked her church resale
--is still a TERRIBLE sleeper. There is no consistency at all. One night he'll sleep all night...the next he'll be up once...the next 4 times. Some nights all he needs is a paci....other nights after hours he will only be consoled by rocking and cuddling.
--has had a week of boo boos...bruises and cut lips...the joys (and pains) of becoming mobile
--much prefers his brother's monster trucks over his whole bin of age appropriate toys...we might as well sell them all as he much prefers trash cans, electrical outlets and cords and anything that is his brothers. Why is that?
the toy chest...all alone
--loves knocking down towers
--is my little cuddle bug

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

42 Weeks

Wednesday, April 21
42 Weeks
At 42 weeks, Grant:

--had his first haircut...he wasn't too took 2 to wrangle and distract him! He just got around his ears trimmed...and a little off the top!
--had his crib lowered...he seems SO far away with his mattress at the bottom
--STILL won't crawl...gets into position...flops down and rolls.
--can easily get from laying to sitting position...but ends up in this position...which he can't always get his legs turned around. Is usually sitting up in his crib now in the mornings...and sometimes throughout the night!
--is SUPER eater....loves loves loves his food! His new favorites: a whole banana, Burger King cheeseburger and crackers in the grocery store
--can now effectively drink out of a sippy cup
--is so affectionate...he always has been...but gives kisses all the time
--rode on a carousel for the first time
--had his 9 month photo shoot...complete with messy hair
--celebrated Grandma's birthday in Portland...loved the ice cream (mommy is making him wait until his 1st b-day before he gets cake)
--giggles and giggles when you play "peek-a-boo"
--is super ticklish under the arms
--raises both hands now when asked: "how big is Grant?"

Friday, April 16, 2010

Like A Kid in a Candy Shop

I took the boys to the mall last night to get their pictures taken. It was time for Grant's 9 month milestone they looked so cute in their Easter outfits...I had to get one of the both of them. While we were there....we had to take advantage of all the mall had to offer...even if it was a beautiful day outside! We ate dinner, rode the carousel, threw pennies in the fountain and even grabbed a treat at the candy store. The boys & I had a fun night...but missed daddy since he was at his academic team meat.Oh my goodness...when did he grow up?

Could they get any cuter?

Three words: I AM BLESSED!!

Grant 9 months
Seth 5 years, 10months

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

41 Weeks

Wednesday, April 14
41 Weeks
At 41 weeks Grant...
--had his 9 month well baby check---YEAH for being healthy. Weighed in at 19lbs 4 oz & 30 in. He's in the 95% for length but dropped to 25% for weight...a long thin kid! The doc is not worried since he is growing in length.
--can now consistently do "how big is big!" In honor of his sister...he usually does one arm!
--can get from a laying down position to a sitting position (pushes up while on his tummy)
--is still so close to crawling...really, I would think it would be any day now
--went on a bike trailer ride for the first time...seemed indifferent to the whole experience

--is drinking whole milk from a sippy cup...not a HUGE fan...spends more time chewing on the cup
--LOVES LOVES LOVES his Nutrigrain bars...and can make a real mess of them

--seems to really enjoy meat....ham, pork, chicken

--is still our pride and joy...even when he cries for hours & hours from 3-7 am! What's up with that?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Break...not really!

Well...spring break is over...but break it was not! When I think back over our week I get tired...I think we need our spring break now!

1. Painted the family rid of old new furniture....deep cleaned...purged 160 CDs & 25 video tapes...touched-up the woodwork
2. Rented Rug Doctor...cleaned carpets in family room, back porch, boys' rooms & playroom
3. Cleaned up back porch...sprayed down all furniture...hung lights (ready for bbq)
4. Cleaned our closet...took out winter...brought in spring...purged 4 garbage bags of clothing...every article is neatly folded & organized
5. Cleaned Grant's closet...found next size up clothing...hung all spring/summer clothes...sorted clothes for church resale
6. Did Kate's Kart twice
7. Got new Kate's Kart laptop...updated files...transferred files
8. Planted a new herb garden...basil, onions, italian herbs, rosemary, chives
9. Mowed...turned mulch...fertilized...sprayed weed killer
10. Took down Easter decorations
11. Cleaned 2 houses (the things I do for extra cash...gotta replace those 4 bags of clothes)
12. Tore down old broken computer desk....went shopping for new desk...put together new desk...cleaned up mess from old desk....organized new desk
13. Picked up 30 boxes of books from Borders for Kate's Kart
14. Gave 3 presentations at elementary school...started #11 at Cameron Community
15. Grocery Shopping...laundry...Easter Easter dinner...making cakes
16. Took Grant to doctor...viral rash
17. Held and comforted and held cranky, fussy baby
18. Did schoolwork...prepared for student teacher...graded papers

And...we had some fun too
1. played on the swingset with the boys
2. played with the new baseball stuff
3. took bikerides....first time Grant was in trailer
4. rented movies
5. played Wii
6. went out for doughnuts (just Andy & Seth)
7. DATE NIGHT...yum yum dinner out...just the 2 of us!
8. Spent a few hours w/ Grandma & Ted
9. Saw Nana & Oompa after their trip...thanks for being our babysitters
10. ate a couple meals out
11. went to the Y

Oh yeah...and throw in fevers, nausea, rashes and just general achiness for all 4 of us!
Wow...busy week! It feels good to have been productive...maybe not as good as laying on the beach doing nothing...but was a nice break (maybe without the sickness...especially for Seth...he had it the worst).

and with that...I'm off to bed!
PS....this is my 900 post! wow....what a ride the past 3 years!

Kart #11's still unbelievable to me...really kart #11 w/ #12 not far behind? In all honesty, this was only going to be a way for us to use Kate's Memorial money...and now....WOW!

This Kart was bought by the students/PTO/staff at Ryan Park Elementary in Angola. The Kart is now running the halls of Cameron Community Hospital in Angola. A mom of a kid who received several books while in Lutheran spear headed the mission and blew it out of the park and now they are also getting the Kart to add to St. Joe in Ft. Wayne later this month.
I am in constant amazement of the support we's really unbelievable, especially when you consider the economy and how so many charities are hurting. For us...we are blessed. I just went to Borders and picked up more boxes....hundreds and hundreds of books donated by strangers (and friends) from our community. I was doing a little shopping (okay, a lot) there because they had some adorable board books..and when you give away over 1000 books each month, it seems like I am always buying books. It takes a while to check out 150 books and as I stood there....over and over again I heard the cashiers telling every patron our story...about Kate...about the books...about giving them to hospitalized children. It really was surreal...but the entire time I just kept thinking of all the people who help us...the people who give their time...the volunteers who go weekly...the board members...our web designer who is constantly updating our website...people who hear about it and get their school to raise enough money to purchase 2 Karts and stock them with books. AMAZING! I truly am amazed at the support we have behind this.
It truly has been an incredible ride...I have done a lot of speaking engagements lately...mostly speaking to schools in correlation w/ their book drive or book fair. Several times I have spoken to entire schools...trying to tell the "WHOLE" story of Kate, her love of books, the response of the community and how far Kate's Kart has come in too short of time. in a school gym with a power point about Kate...who would have ever thought? Always...the kids are so interested...they listen...they laugh...some cry...but in the end I pray they are encouraged to give back in some way --I guess they must be since we get so many books! I always am amazed at how the elementary students just "connect" with Kate. They just seem to love her (who doesn't). If there is time for questions...I get questions like: what is Kate's favorite color, what is Kate's favorite food? It really is so sweet. And always, there is the kid who comes up to me afterwards and tells me they are going to bring in all their books from home. is our ministry. No...we can't always share our faith (but it is so awesome when it is a crowd I can share about our faith, our community of believers who supported (and still does) us.) Kate's very short life does have a purpose...we as her parents still have that purpose. Yeah...there are still many times of sadness...times when the memories overflow...but I do have that Kate is doing more than is even imaginable through a little pink sticker on the back of thousands and thousands of books.
You have to pinch me...pinch me when I see/hear/read about Kate's Kart places....really...that's my Kate...MY Kate...our Kate.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

40 Weeks

Wednesday, April 7
40 Weeks
At 40 weeks Grant:
--went back to the doctor again...this time the diagnosis: a viral rash! Time will heal...probably a result of the 101 fever he spiked on Easter Sunday...but he is now currently sporting little red bumps all over his arms/legs
--celebrated his first Easter...loved playing w/ eggs and all the fun stuff in his basket
--got quite the compliments on Easter Sunday for his matching outfits from Grandma
--helped dye his first Easter Eggs...wanted to eat them
--ate ice cream for the first time...a banana shake from Dairy Queen on Good Friday YUM YUM!
--ate Easter a huge fan of ham
--went swinging in the backyard for the first time....LOVED IT!
--has been GRUMPY GRANT all week. We're not sure what is going on....teething/virus/blahs...but he wants to be held all the time. It very small periods of time when he is actually "happy".
--went to Angola to help the family start Kate's Kart #11
--LOVES Casa pasta (who doesn't)
--is trying hard still to crawl....he is still so close....I really think it will be anyday.
--is beginning to pull up on things...the toy chest/couches

--even though he's been super grumpy...makes mommy's heart melt everytime she picks him up, he instantly stops crying and cuddles on my shoulder!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


We had a wonderful Easter as a family. Normally, we celebrate w/ my family and Andy's...but everyone else decided to head out of town. We missed our families...but felt blessed to celebrate with just the 4 of us.

Seth hunted for the Easter baskets this morning...and the dyed eggs that were hid in the house. The boys had a few minutes to check out their loot...before heading out to church.

Grant got: shoes, bibs, a T-shirt, sippy cups & some puffed snacks! It's a good thing he doesn't know any better.
Seth was estastic with his basket filled w/ baseball bases, a new bat, a baseball, a monster truck, jumprope and of course some PB eggs & a chocolate bunny!

We all went to church and were blessed with an amazing service with some awesome music. It was a wonderful celebration of our risen Lord.

Home for some quick pics...gotta love them in their matching outfits...and then we all ate a traditional ham lunch. (Funny, cooking for 4 makes the same amount of dishes as cooking for 12!)

After lunch...more egg hunting outside...this time w/ eggs filled with money & jellybeans or puffs!

We soon realized Grant was feeling warm...and wouldn't you know the little guy had a fever. He's battled it almost all day...and I am almost sure it's teething. He wants to chew and bite on everything.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing...taking bike rides...cuddling w/ fussy babies...Wii...playing baseball...cudding w/ fussy babies...and even a little bit of prep work so that we...I mean, Andy...can start painting tomorrow.

It was a blessed Easter...with just my boys!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Backyard Fun

We hung up Grant's Christmas swing...HE LOVED IT...especially when his brother would push him! crazy stunt 5 year old was doing daredevil jumps off the's a good thing that Redimed is just down the street! What a beautiful day to spend some time in the backyard...gotta love 83 degree April days!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

39 Weeks

Wednesday, March 31
39 Weeks (1 day short of 9 months)

At 39 Weeks Grant...

--went back to the doctor and had bronchiolitis. Luckily, we could treat him at home w/ breathing treatments 4x day. He was in pretty bad shape Friday...but by Saturday night had rebounded.
--went to Grandma & Ted's and got his first Easter basket
--is back to eating normally....loves Nutrigrain bars!
--is starting to grasp how to drink from a sippy cup...he has figured out how to get the drink if you hold the cup...but won't hold the cup himself
--played in grass in the sunshine for the 1st time..didn't seem to mind the grass....he would touch and explore it with his fingers and toes!--is so close to crawling...can get into the position...but doesn't know how to move forward. He's pretty much mobile...he will get where he wants...but it just takes a lot of scooting and maneuvering.

--has his 4th tooth on top just starting to poke through