Wednesday, May 26, 2010

47 Weeks

Wednesday, May 26
47 Weeks

At 47 weeks Grant:
--dances to music he hears...especially from toys
--went to Bounce Mania...crawled around on the moonwalk and went down some slides

--went to the Splash Park at the Y...loved playing in the water...not so much loved trying to crawl around on concrete...has really red little toes and tops of his feet --no camera :(
--continues to be a GREAT eater...will eat any and everything you put in front of him
--gulps ice cold ice water
--has really curly hair that really responds to humidity
--is a sweaty sleeper during these 80+ degree days
--is outgrowing size 3 diapers...when this supply is done, its time to move on to size 4
--is fascinated by drinking out of a regular cup...with no lid...usually makes quite the mess
--can maneuver the step out onto the porch..takes him a while, but can get down and up it
--longs to be outside...especially when his brother is outside...he just bangs on the window and SCREAMS
--is mommy's little love bug

Magic Tree the next level

So...the Magic Tree House Obsession continues...and it's gone to the next level...the internet.

We found the site the other has all kinds of activities to do concerning the books. It's quite fun. One of the activities is to print a passport book...and then you can print stamps for all the places you have been with Jack & Annie. In order to get each have to answer questions about the books. little brainiac could answer all the questions from all the books, even the ones we read weeks ago....answers to questions I didn't even remember! I guess he does pay attention!

So...our passport is now current and has all of the first 26 stamps and he's eagerly awaiting the opportunity to finish out the regular series (books 27 & 28) before getting into the Merlin Missions. There is also room for neighborhood activities (like going to bookstore, library) and for the research books. I'm sure we'll be doing those too before the summer is over.
It's a nightly ritual to line up all the remaining books (in order). We have all but the last one now from the library and he is hot to trot to get the last one! In fact, the Y had a book fair today, and he saw it and was bound and determined to spend his own money buying the book!
The problem with his nightly ritual includes one little 10 month old who is bound and determined to help! So...Seth has since discovered a way to build a blockade with the furniture to prevent one 10 month old from disturbing his Magic Tree House Shrine!'s time for Thanksgiving on Thursday...I'm off to read!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Last Week Wrap-Up

Wow..what a busy week for Seth...he definitely left preschool with a BANG!

Monday: Unbirthday Party

They got to celebrate all the kids who have summer birthdays...well, since this was a class of late birthdays...they celebrated 8 birthdays on Monday...which meant...8 treat bags!

Tuesday: Program

I can't believe the difference...3 years ago he wouldn't sing at did awesome! He sang...he did motions. I was one very proud momma! The kids all sing a few songs and then they get to walk across the stage and receive a gift. (I can never get a decent photo in their sanctuary)
Wednesday: Field Day

Both the morning and afternoon classes came together at a special time for a special day. They all had a hotdog picnic together and then spent a couple hours outside playing all kinds of fun field day type games...relays and races! At the end they all got ribbons and was a beautiful day to be outside!
Thursday: Picnic

This day was spent outside as well playing at the get 10 boys together and they are bound to have a great time. Again...another beautiful day to be outside!
Friday: Last Day

I think it was more bittersweet for mommy than for Seth. We started the day with doughnuts with the 2 boys I babysit. Luckily, daddy had a snow make-up day so he got to go with us and take the boys on their last day. When I picked them up...they were just wound up and ready to go...they were pretty excited to be done for the year.

We had a picnic at the Y and then went swimming for a couple hours with another classmate. It was a fun way to celebrate the last day of preschool. And the best part...being blessed to be a stay at home mom who could celebrate all these things right along with Seth!

Last Day of Preschool...forever

Today was Seth's last day of preschool...FOREVER! It's been a great 3 years...he's grown up so much! Kindergarten Prep was a great year and Seth really matured. I know he is READY for kindergarten. But for the next 2 months...I think we'll just enjoy sleeping in, having some lazy mornings and enjoying the summer.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

46 weeks

Wednesday, May 19
46 Weeks
At 46 Weeks Grant...
--is getting into more and more things everyday! He definitely loves to explore and is constantly on the move! This week....he was thrilled to discover the dishwasher and the toilet paper roll.
--LOVES music...whenever music is played...he moves and grooves and kicks his little feet! SO CUTE!
--gabs and gabs and talks to any and everyone
--LOVES blueberries
--knows that if he bangs his sippy cup enough...the stopper will come out and then he can then spill milk EVERYWHERE!
--went to his brother's end of year program and field day
--is still loved on everywhere he goes
--rode on rides at Chuckie-E-Cheese...and LOVED it!
--is getting way to close to being a year old...7 weeks....YIKES!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

A new Obsession...a good one!

Well...we're into another obsession with Seth. I'm so proud of him...he is totally INTO the Magic Tree House book series (which I know is due to him constantly being surrounded by books with Kate's Kart). We started reading the 1st book before took a few nights. Now...he BEGS me to read all throughout the day and we usually finish a book in a single setting (it takes about 35 minutes...depending on if we are chasing Grant too!).

He is one of those "scary" know, the kind who can get up...walk around the room, pet kitty, watch garage salers...whatever distraction it may be...and comprehend. He knows exactly what is going on....stops me whenever he doesn't know the meaning of a word. If we have to stop in the middle of a chapter to get Grant away from some non-appropriate toy....Seth remembers exactly the last 3 words I say when I come back to try and find my place.
It's amazing to hear him say...many times..."mommy can you read to me now"? Well of course I have to drop whatever I think is more important and read to my kid. Wow...what a cool obsession.

We finished 2 today during the garage we are now ready for #16. I think there are like 40 of them. He is bound and determined to read them all. He has to have the next 10 or so ready to go. We have made several trips to the library this week...picking up the next few books from the hold section. Once we finish a couple books...we go online and reserve the next few. bed...we were talking about the books. He proceeds to to tell me the name of the first 22 books....IN ORDER! Wow...I tell you this kid has a memory like NO other kid I have known. As Andy says....Seth, use your power for good!'s my blog and I can brag about my kid. It's see him so interested...and the cool thing is that in each Magic Tree House book, Jack and Annie go on an adventure to some place in history. We've been to Ghost Towns, with Vikings in Ireland, in ancient Rome...we've run with the dinosaurs, boated on the Amazon and even escaped pirates! He's learning so much too!

I LOVE being a mommy...especially to this awesome little guy! What does our future hold with him?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

45 Weeks

Wednesday, May 12
45 Weeks

At 45 Weeks Grant:

--is into EVERYTHING...he loves anything that isn't a child appropriate toy. He loves opening drawers and cabinets and finding random things to crawl around the house with. He usually has something in his hands while he roams the house.

--THROWS FITS...puts his head down and CRIES when you take away an unappropriate find

--is SUPER ticklish

--does pats....when you pick him up..he pats you on your back (just like his big sister did!)

--is down to nursing just once a day before bed...makes mommy sad...a sign that he's growing up!

--was introduced to the whole church for Baby Day on Sunday

--ate some of his cousin's birthday cake...wasn't a fan

--is sleeping pretty well and consistently gets up around 7. Hardly ever wakes up from the night or from a nap happy...he wants OUT of that crib!

--celebrated his first Mother's Day...makes mommy so glad to be a mommy

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Tea

What a day for a mom! I was invited to a Mother's Tea at Seth's preschool. It was so sweet...the kids all came and got us from the hallway and walked us (hand in hand) to our seat...complete with placemats they colored and flowers and a card they made. They sang us some very sweet songs (can't believe the difference in Seth...he sings now!). Then...they served us our snacks for the tea! It was a very special time for just me and my little guy...who is off to Kindergarten! Wow...I get teary just thinking about it right now!

Kate's Kart #12

Yesterday, we started Kart #12 at St. Joe Hospital here in Ft. Wayne. This hospital has the city's burn unit and we're excited about being able to encourage these kids...many who have a long and painful stay.

An elementary in Angola actually raised the money for the well as enough books to stock it for the first time. It was neat to have some of the student council kids come up and see the kart in the hospital.

Seth is a real pro at stocking Karts now...I think he's been at almost all of the "first" runnings. He knows right where all the books go! He is so cute...and such a great helper! At just 5, I know he has a passion and love for Kate's Kart. I love it! Grant...he just goes along and gets all the attention!
It's always a great moment for our family...adding a new Kart...spreading Kate's joy with a few more people! We love you sweet girl!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

The day started off great...Andy woke up early with Grant and before long Andy brought me breakfast in bed! Off to church...and it was even Baby we got to show off our little cutie-patootie!
The boys had all gone shopping yesterday while I went to a women's lunch with a friend. I had told Andy I wanted a "motherly" picture frame similar to the one I got Seth's first year...It has a picture of me & Seth when he was 1. I wanted one so that I could get me & Grant. Well...evidently, SEth would not allow a frame with only 1 opening. IT HAD TO HAVE 3...cause I have 3 kids! How totally sweet is that. Andy tried to tell him that we already had one with him & mommy and this was for Grant...but that wouldn't do! I just LOVE that kid...all 3 actually!

Grandma & Ted came for church and lunch...we dined on KFC @ home as to NOT deal with the crowds. The afternoon included running a few errands with Seth...a walk around the path @ the Y...dinner and then I had to spend some time at the storage unit as we are adding hospital #12 tomorrow! Just a little Mother's Day present from Kate! (more details & pics to follow)

The evening...nursing and rocking my littlest one to sleep while he held onto my finger...and reading Magic Tree House #8 to my oldest in bed while he snuggled on my shoulder! Being a mommy doesn't get much better than that!

I'm so thankful to all the mom's in my life. My own mom who has always been there for me and is a great rolemodel. My mother-in-law who has welcomed me with open arms into her family and treated me like a daughter. My mom friends who give me encouragement and advice and some fun times too! And the moms I grew up with...the heart moms I met on the internet...the moms in my MOPS group...To everyone I wish a very Happy Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Easter....just a little late

Thursday night...we were finally able to celebrate Easter with my side of the family. If you recall...everyone else skipped town for Easter. With sick kids, work schedules and life...last Thursday was the first time we could find that worked into everyone's schedule.

The big boys were super's always fun to hunt Easter Eggs. Nana & Oompa have a huge backyard full of landscaping...which makes the hunting a real challenge! The big boys all got ZuZu Pets and the babies got sand toys for our upcoming family beach trip. neice, Nia turned 1 on April we celebrated her birthday as well! It's hard to believe the babies are turning 1...Grant is less than 2 months away! YIKES!

It was a fun night with the family...making our own pizzas and celebrating.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

44 Weeks

Wednesday, May 5
44 Weeks
At 44 weeks Grant:

--is all boy! He is on the move and can find every possible thing he shouldn't be in: toilets, trash, kitty food. He has eaten dirt...knocked over a plant twice (plant now moved) and given himself a couple knots on the forehead from the fireplace and other hard objects around the house
--claps his hands (yea for Grant)
--spent his first 2 nights away from mommy (and daddy). I went away with the girlfriends and he (& Seth) stayed at Grandma's for the weekend. I guess he did okay without hoo!
--has learned how to "yell" for things he wants...problem is...mommy doesn't always know what he wants
--can play ball...he will throw a ball back and forth with you

A little boy's dream...

a truck full of dirt!

Yesterday...we expanded our garden! Seth was lovin' it! If you could do it in dirt...he did it...running, jumping, digging...! It was a perfect day...beautiful weather to be outside! It was a family project and we ALL can't wait for our harvest of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, lettuce, rhubarb and radish.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Weekend with the girls!

Wow...what a weekend! I have these 4 friends...we've known each other for years...most of us elementary school...but our friendship was solidified in high school. Amazingly...those friendships have totally stood the test of time (and marriage and moving and families and jobs and...) We are all turning 40 this year and we were determined to celebrate together. Last weekend was THE WEEKEND!

Sharyn came from Cincinnati...and met Mel & me in the Fort. We drove to South Bend to pick up Gina. Then..the rest of the way to Holland Michigan to meet Karla who drove over from Brighton, MI. We were together! '

We checked into our tiny little condo (it was perfect...perfect for 5 friends just wanting to be together). Off to dinner at a restaurant on the lake (yummy whitefish) and a trip to Walgreens to buy sunglasses. I tell doesn't take much for a bunch of moms to have a blast at Walgreens! Back to the condo to sit outside and just reminisce!

Saturday morning we were up bright and early to walk/run a 5K! How was the first for most of us. It was fun...and then we climbed a few hundred steps to the top of a sanddune to see a great view of the town. After getting cleaned up we headed to the tulip farm...over a million tulips in full bloom. It was beautiful...completely awe-inspriing. We walked the aisles...gazing at all the varieties.

Then...lunch at Qdoba (YUM!) and then some shopping at an outlet mall---you know 5 women would find a time to shop. Then...we were off to walk down to the Lake Michigan was spitting rain...but still beautiful. A few stuck their toes in, drew their kids names in the sand and texted pics and then even searched for a lost cell phone in the sand!

Back to the condo to have a picnic by the lake and lots more talking!

Sunday morning we drove 30 minutes to the mega church, Marshill Bible Church to hear Rob Bell preach. It was awesome...amazing...huge...thought provoking. The church is in an old remodeled was a neat experience. Back to Holland...packed up and then headed back in town to spend a few hours browsing the craft/art fair. We topped the whole weekend off with some ice cream, of course!

It was perfect...a perfect weekend with some awesome friends. I will treasure the memories forever and hope we don't' have to wait until we turn 50 to do it again. We were blessed that our awesome husbands and grandparents watched our kids...allowing us a little chance to get away and just have some ole fashion girl time!