Wednesday, June 30, 2010

52 Weeks

Wednesday, June 30
52 Weeks
(the last Wednesday of the year...and wouldn't you know I forgot and didn't get a happy picture of him smiling...UGGHH!)

At 52 weeks Grant...
--is cruising everywhere. He'll crawl to get where he wants to go, and then immediately stands up wherever he is. He especially loves crusing around the coffee table
--can walk himself behind a push toy

--rode on his ride toy for the first time...loved it! can you tell he's making car noises?
--is starting to use things in an appropriate matter: puts phones to ear, points Wii remote at tv, scribbles with pens
--defintiely has words that sound like: momma and dada...but doesn't really consistenly use them. a babysitter said she heard "all done" and "milk".
--is attending his first VBS...hangign out in the nursery

--is always reaching for something...mostly things he shouldn't have--loves the computer or laptop...always wants to press the much help he is!
--gets really mad when you take it away--plays peek-a-boo...covers his eyes with his hands and uncovers them when you say peekabo
--loves loves his brother and wants to do what he's doing
--constantly has some sort of head wound, bruise, mark, scrap on his head...from trying to do too much...go somewhere he shouldn't or falling down. He definitely has an adventuresome, "I need to be in the middle of the action" spirit about himself
--can climb all the way UP the big blue slide on the swing so proud of himself once he gets up in to the playhouse

--loves crawling through tight places and under tables

--goes for the stairs any chance he can get...he is unstoppable when it comes to wanting to climb the stairs (unless the gate is up) He KNOWS when the gate isn't up
--will wake up a healthy, happy 1 year old! Praise God

note: this marks the end of my weekly posts for Grant...look for a monthly lots of other cute photos the rest of the month!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Thanks to everyone who ate ice cream this weekend in honor of Kate! What fun to see all the smiles. We appreciate everyone who came to her "party"...those with and without a picture!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Declaration...3rd annual Go Eat Ice Cream Day!

It's hard to believe...Saturday, June 26, will be Kate's 4th birthday! As you can see from this video...Kate loved ice cream...this video makes me smile! It was September of 07...she was in major congestive heart failure...but yet...she found joy in a few spoonfuls of ice cream!

We had a wonderful celebration at the Kate's Kart Ice Cream Social last weekend...but it just wouldn't be the same if we didn't officially (re)declare June 26, this Saturday, as the

3rd annual "GO EAT ICE CREAM DAY"

Plus... we want to give all you wonderful blog readers a chance to celebrate Kate. We've done it the past 2 years on Kate's birthday, and I can honestly say, getting the pictures from all of you, all over the country, eating ice cream, celebrating Kate's birthday with us, TOTALLY warmed my heart and helped us get through the day!

So...let's do it AGAIN! If you can...go out for ice cream...what a fun treat to get ice cream during the summer! If you can't...scoop some up at home! could even grab a popsicle since Kate loved those too!

But..most importantly, take a quick picture and send it via email to us ( and I will put together another totally cool slide show (click here to see last years) like the past 2 years. And...if Saturday won't work...grab some on Friday or Sunday...we don't care...just go eat some ice cream!!!

Indiana Beach

We had a great little 2 day trip to Indiana Beach. Seth actually left on Monday morning with my parents & and his cousins. Andy & I had some Kate's Kart stuff to do so we weren't able to come up until Tuesday. We got there around noon...ate lunch at Jellystone Campground and then we all headed to the water park!

Grant was lovin' the lazy river and the splash pad. Seth...has NO FEAR and was a wild man on all of the water slides. It wasn't busy at there was only a 2-3 person wait, which was awesome!

After a few hours...back to the campsite for grilled bbq chicken by Oompa. Back to Indiana Beach to ride some rides and then back to the campground with 4 very tired little boys! Andy & I were going to tent it on my parent's site..but with the possibility of storms AND some nice little air-conditioned cabins right across the road...we opted for a little cabin! I was nice.

Wednesday...we woke up to a hot skillet breakfast (again, thanks to Oompa) and then Andy & I took the boys swimming while Nana & Oompa packed up the camper. Then..back to Indiana Beach for more rides! I couldn't believe my little 6 year old rode the upside down roller coaster! I can't believe he's old enough...or brave enough! But he did was so neat to see him riding all the rides...several of which I could NOT handle anymore.

It was HOT...but fortunately, there was NO line for any of the could walk on all of them...which made the heat a little more bearable! always...was a rockstar! He just goes with the flow...munching on his goldfish crackers..waving at strangers and catching a few rides here and there.

It was a nice little getaway...a little teaser for our real vacation later this summer! Thanks to Nana & Oompa for taking Seth and letting us tag along as well!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

51 Weeks

Wednesday, June 23
51 Weeks

At 51 weeks Grant:
--is out of his seat in the bathtub...he constantly wants to stand up while in the tub, as the edge is the perfect height for him to get his balance! He loves his new found freedom in the tub!
--went to Indiana Beach
--played in the splash pad and went on the Lazy River
--rode on rides with his cousins...the boats, carousel, old-time cars, train
--slept in a cabin with mommy and daddy (brother was in the RV)
--is a super traveler
--celebrated his first Father's Day
--went to the Kate's Kart ice cream social...ate strawberry ice cream
--met Clifford and Ronald McDonald
--loves giving kisses and putting his cheek up to a cuddle bug!
--LOVES LOVES LOVES sunglasses or any type of glasses for that matter
--is now officially DONE with nursing (boo hoo!) Much prefers his cold sippy cups of milk
--is a happy little guy!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Ice Cream Social

Wow..what an awesome day! We couldn't have asked for it do go any better! We estimate over 800 people came to our 2nd annual ice cream social and: ate free icecream...danced to live music...played games...won balloons...bought books...petted llamas...visited with Ronald McDonald and Clifford...smiled...laughed and celebrated Kate and Kate's Kart.

Over 100 people donated their time to make this happen...several of which gave their whole entire day! WOW! We raised a lot of money and got a lot of new books too! It was a complete success...a perfect day...a wonderful celebration.

Andy and I are so blessed. THANK YOU ALL!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I've got just a few minutes to get this post on today! It's been a crazy day! We all went to church and Sunday School...then home for lunch and the star of the day got in a nap! We opened presents and then I had to start baking....40 dozen cookies! But...Andy and Seth went swimming while Grant napped! I got 1/2 done...After a gourmet supper of chicken nuggets & mac & cheese we got the boys in bed (early) and I'm back at baking! Andy spent some time just relaxing! The best part of the day...jsut spending it together...with the best daddy in the world! He just loves those boys!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Our cup is overflowing

Guess what we woke up to this morning...another article in the morning paper! Wow...Kate's Kart is blessed!

They got a few wrong facts (like we were at St. V in Indy the first 15 days) and it's not quite 2000 a month (although, at the rate we're growing it won't be long) But most importantly, I want to give credit to the countless volunteers who make Kate's Kart happen...this is totally a community effort!

And yeah...about that all consuming. I was listening to WBCL on the way to the Y this morning...they were talking about collecting books today. A nurse from Lutheran NICU calls in and just raves about the program for 2-3 minutes...emphasizing the impact the books are making on hurting families in the hospital. What an encourager to hear from the nurses who see first hand the fruit of this ministry!

I am truly honored...and blessed...and humbled.

All Consuming...

Everyday I am truly amazed...totally amazed at what is happening with Kate's Kart. This is so a GOD THING! Last weekend...I got the paper and there she was! I go into various stores around town....and there is a poster advertising for the ice cream social. I turn on the radio...I hear a blurb from WBCL advertising for Kate's Kart as their summer outreach program. I answer the phone...and talk to yet another group about doing a presentation for their VBS or school or church or office.

Yes...right now Kate's Kart is almost all consuming. Our 2nd annual ice cream social is this weekend...we are planning for 1000 people. We have tons of ice cream...we have live entertainment....we have over 80 volunteers just for this event...we have like 12 tents to set up....we had t-shirts printed...we have a committee working their tales off...we have over 25 door prizes...face painters...clowns....llamas...balloons. There will even be a book fair in the park.

Meanwhile....Board members are writing new grants...We got news we received a significant grant from Riley Children's Hospital...I'm preparing for 5 different presentations this week alone...we're talking about adding 4 more hospitals this summer...we're making trips to the shed daily, loading and unloading new volunteers.

Let me tell you...this is not a one man job....I am so grateful for the hundreds of volunteers...friends and family who have made this such a success in thousands of different ways. We are celebrating 2 years of Kate's Kart...I just totaled...we have given away....17,628 books in those 2 years. WOW! People are regularly asking: When is this going national? I don't know what to say....I can just pray...pray that God is leading this thing...pray that HE has a plan...pray that we will follow.

Thursday...WBCL is broadcasting from Barnes & Noble stores....taking donations from 11-6....B&N is giving us a % of all sales that day (mention Kate's Kart at checkout). Buy for from our wishlist...we all win! You can also shop online through 6/21...just enter code # 10224004. Andy and I are going to pick up books and donations...what will we find?

Friday...I have to go on the news...I'm not real excited about it...excited about sharing about Kate's Kart...not so excited about being on the news.

Who would have ever thought? In 10 days...Kate will be 4! I can't imagine any better way to celebrate our little girl. And boy...does she know how to throw a party!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

50 Weeks

Wednesday, June 17
50 Weeks
At 50 weeks Grant:
--has had a Crazy week--has learned lots of new tricks
--is still a total wildman
--still has no desire to play with his toys...finds baking rakes and napkins much more exciting--he must have played with the cooling rakes for 10 minutes
--learned to climb stairs...he is so proud of himself. He heads for them all the time...we have to block them with a gate. When the gate isn't up...he gets up about 3 steps and just grins!
--has learned about the outside door...and now does cry and throw a fit whenever anyone leaves (even if it is to just get something out of the garage) I think he knows a whole new world lies outside that door and he wants to go too! You often find him hanging out at doors...just waiting for it to open
--is consistently pulling up on EVERYTHING...he loves it...he pulls up whenever he can or on whatever he can. He is so cute...standing at the end of his crib (by the door)....well cute in the mornings, not so much when he won't go to bed at night
--climbs on EVERYTHING...if it isn't the stairs it's the fireplace...or a stool. He loves the fireplace mantel...he climbs up and then crawls back and forth on top of it (with me right there, of course)
--can stand unassisted if leaning up against something
--went to Buckner Park splash pad with friends...enjoyed a picnic lunch and...--proceeded to do a head dive out of his stroller...he somehow bent over far enough to snap the belt and fell head first onto the cement! Got his first major goose egg....didn't bother him more than 1 minute of crying!
--LOVES oreos...guess daddy let him eat 5 one night while I was away! Grant & Seth ate a whole sleeve!
--swam for the first time in a lake....Lake Gilead in Michigan at our friends the Findleys
--took his first boat was way past nap he conked out!
--has to be confined to the family room...if mommy or daddy want to get anything done besides chasing him around
--has such a great demeanor...whenever you take him or carry him away from something inappropriate...he never cries or throws a fit...he just babbles something... probably, "silly parents, they think moving me will stop me...I'll be back in that kitty food in no time at all!"
--consistently will give a kiss or wave bye bye on command
--love olives (as discovered from our greek pizza we had one night)
--has very little to do with nursing anymore...much prefers a sippy cup of milk before bed (makes mommy sad...very sad)
--is keeping his mommy and daddy very young!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

49 Weeks

Wednesday, June 9
49 Weeks

At 49 Weeks, Grant:

--Is a WILDMAN! He is EVERYWHERE and he is FAST! He still has NO desire to play with any of his toys and wants everything to do with Seth's toys and random household things.
--celebrated his brother's 6th birthday

--got his 2nd haircut (in Nana's garage...thanks to Gayle)...much more than just the sides...trim around the top and he looks like a little boy
--is learning new ways to manipulate his tongue...which means lots more sounds
--continues to be a HUGE biter. I really think he is trying to show affection...but golly, he'll bite anything...your arm, your face..he'll even crawl up and bite Seth's leg
--participated in family movie night...complete with his own hull free popcorn

--loves to fact when you try to put him down, he'll lock his legs and try to stand. And whenever he is standing (which he needs somethign to hold on to) he has the biggest grin on his face
--longs to be just like Seth...and play with the big kid toys!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Birthday Blessings

Wow...what a full fun day for a newly turned 6 year old.

We had a kid party at Chuck E. Cheese. It was great...they did all the prep and clean-up, prepared the food and provided lots of entertainment. It was a great morning. Seth's favorite was the ticket blaster where he got to go inside a booth and grab flying tickets. The multi-colored 6 layered cake was a hit! He had a great group of preschool buddies his cousins. He had a smile on his face the entire time.

Then...home for a few hours to play with the cousins. I think all the new toys...legos, bionicles, dart guns, board games and Wii games got played.

Then...if that wasn't enough....Nana & Oompa, Grandma & Ted & Uncle Doug & Aunt Amy all were here for dinner! We feasted on pulled pork and then celebrated with his new favorite dessert. It's a frozen hershey pie Grandma brought to Mother's Day! It was his request for the family that's what he got! More presents including soccer goals, pajamas, bathing suits, Wii games & extra remote, Trouble, Ice Age Movie and a remote control helicopter! I would say the little guy CLEANED UP!

And to boot...his cousins are here for a sleep over! They've been sugared up and have new Wii games to could be a LONG night!

Happy Birthday little guy...we love you bunches and bunches!


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