Sunday, July 25, 2010

Vacation...The End

Saturday we packed up...cleaned up...loaded up and headed out by 10 am. We had thought about taking a bike ride...but it was SO HOT! We decided to just get on the road.
Thanks Nana & Oompa for a wonderful many great memories On the front porch...all in our official Cape May attire

Our home for the week: 1023 New Jersey Avenue

Our view from the front could see and hear the ocean!

Just one of the many gorgeous beach front homes...

30 minutes into our drive home....2 very tired little boys!We drove about 4 hours to Hershey, PA. We had plans to spend the rest of the day/evening was SO HOT...and everyone who was at the amusement park came over to the free air conditioned factory tour. It was so crowded. After taking the tour and having Seth do a little factory simulation...we decided to just get in the car and drive. Seth had picked out a $1 Reese cup for his treat from the Hershey the time we had walked to the was completely melted! I can't imagine those people who were buying the $50 chocolate bars...there would be NO way of keeping them from melting.

So, our after Cape May trip got shortened...but honestly, once we were packed and on the road, I was ready to just get home. We even considered just pushing through and driving all the way...but by 6:00 (right after we left Hershey) Grant let us know that he was DONE with car rides. So...we grabbed dinner at Bob Evans, found a hotel...went swimming in their pool and all got a good night sleep.

Sunday morning...after eating a yummy (free) breakfast at the hotel...we finished the 7 hour drive home. Grant did okay...not as well as he did on the way down. He has learned to SCREAM... and he just screams when he is not happy. So...most of my day was spent finding random objects to give to Grant to try and pacify him and searching for his pacifier that he chucked somewhere in the van. Seth...did really well and would put a video in for Grant every so often. We stopped for lunch at a yummy little Mexican restaurant somewhere in Pennsylvania.

We got home around 5:20. Kitty was happy to see us! We weren't home 5 minutes before Seth told us he was bored and there was NOTHING to do! I guess being home alone in Ft. Wayne doesn't compare to having 2 cousins and a beach a block away all week! Luckily...we found the neighbor kids outside and he got to play and run and get out some built up energy AND not be so bored. a 12 days! They just flew by! Overall...I think it went great, especially traveling with a 1 year old. He slept really well...considering all the different beds he was in and the fact that he always slept in the same room as Andy and me. Seth loves to travel and is anxiously awaiting our next trip. He never really ever complained in the car and really appreciated the scenery, bridges, tunnels and big cities we drove through...and he did a great job trying to keep his brother happy.
I have a wonderful family...and built lots of fun memories.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Grant and I slept in a little this morning while Andy went running (isn't he so good!) Then...Andy and I got a special treat, as Nana & Oompa watched the boys and we got a breakfast date! We rode our bikes down to the local coffee shop...grabbed some coffee, chai and muffins and sat on bench and watched the ocean (and people!) It was a nice morning...brought back memories of what we used to do when we came to Cape May before kids.

Then...we hung out at the house for an hour or so...did some laundry...let Grant sleep ao little...packed some clothes (boo hoo) and then had some yummy philly steak sandwiches cooked by Oompa! We got all lathered up and headed down to the beach one last time. It was a gorgeous day again...but some jellyfish had come in on a recent current! I never really saw one...but it just made me nervous to go out and do some serious boogie boarding!

But...we had fun just hanging out on the beach The compound...2 houses...22 people...5 umbrellas...tons of fun and memories

We stayed late...till about 5:30 and then came home! The gumdrop tree bloomed again...this time in a rainbow of colors! It was so fun to see the boys so excited about the gumdrops!

One of my favorite things about the beach is the outdoor shower! It's just a fun/neat way to get cleaned up after the it saves tracking in a ton of sand into the house! Although it's one of my favs...Grant wasn't really a fan!
Since it was our last night...we got to order whatever we wanted and Oompa cooked it for us! My order: lobster tail, steamed shrimp and crab soup! Andy did the crablegs again! What a feast!
Then...the night he's been waiting for all week long! We finally got to cash in all our tickets we been earning all week at the arcade.

We played a few more games... and then the grand total: 4160 points! Wow! And with those points....we came home with: a small basketball, a soft ball for Grant, a ball popper and 11 new silly bands! I don't want to think about how much money was spent...but I know he had a great time! (Plus, I had a great time with my $40 worth of quarters I got from my 40th b-day from Art & Maureen).
And then...a final ice cream treat...and a walk home on a full moon night...listening to the ocean! I'm sad...wishing it could keep going...just a little longer...but reality hits and so after getting the kids in bed...more packing and loading!
It's been an incredible week!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


We actually slept in a little this morning...felt very nice. My Aunt Susie (my dad's sister) came by and we all visited on the porch for over an hour. She lives here in Cape May..and is an absolute riot!

We then loaded up and headed to the fisherman's wharf for lunch. There is an area out on the deck where you can eat...and if you are there at the right the fishing boats luck with that...but we did see a few nice little personal yachts come into the docks.
I had stuffed shrimp...Andy had a crabcake sandwich and Oompa was in heaven with his crabs! The boys walked around...seeing the sights and this HUGE fish that was caught off the Jersey shore

Then...lathered on the sunscreen and headed down to the beach! The waves had drastically calmed down...but it was still a glorious and fun day on the beach.
Grant did a little boogie boarding

My handsome boys on the beach

All five: Grant, Seth, Lucas, Elijah & Nia

Grant learned to do the army crawl...guess those shells started hurting! Cousin Lucas played with his little cousin, Grant
Grant took her afternoon nap on the beach!

We chilled...with 2 very tired little boys!

Daddy and Seth did some body surfing!

We came home to see that the gumdrop tree had bloomed...yet again! After showers...we were on our own for dinner...we headed down to the boardwalk and had some NY style pizza! It was very very good...both boys did great!

Then...time for a little walk along the beach while the sun was beginning to set...absolutely beautiful

While walking...we discovered the city was showing a movie on the beach. So...Andy hoofed it back to the house and grabbed our beach chairs. We watched about 1/2 of Robin Hood on the beach. It was a beautiful had actually cooled down...Grant fell asleep in my toes were in the sand...listening to the waves! SO VERY COOL

Taking some photos while daddy was getting the chairs
It was another fabulous day...I'm starting to get sad...not at all ready to pack up and come home!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Ring up another picture perfect day in Cape May. After breakfast...the whole gang loaded up and we all biked 4 miles out to Sunset Beach. There are lots of rocks on the an old sunken concrete ship from WWII. And...we went to the Cape May lighthouse and looked through their museums which have all kinds of facts about Cape May as well as some sea animals. It was HOT riding home...but a nice change of pace this morning.

After eating lunch...we all headed down to the beach. It was picture perfect day at the beach...absolutely beautiful.
Doug built a sand crocodile

The boys dug a hole
Doug helped them dig even deeper...

Grant fell asleep after crawling ALL over the place

Seth had some snacks to build up energy after boogie boarding
And...Nana & Maureen were the boogie boarding grannies!

Back to the house to get cleaned up....the boys rested and I took pictures of the Vollmer clan at the beach. We dined on a yummy dinner of crab stuffed flounder and clam linguine! All cooked by Oompa!

Then...down to the walking mall to pick our Christmas Ornaments...and have our nightly sweet (we are getting a little spoiled!) A quick trip to the boardwalk for Seth's nightly allotment of quarters before heading back to get 2 VERY tired little boys in bed. Here's hoping they all sleep in in the morning....that boogie boarding/wave jumping is HARD WORK!