Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Catching Up

Wow...and yet another week has flown by...
--Kate's Kart is going crazy as always....had to go pick this up from the Pakmail store...the FedEx man delivered 34 boxes of books. We got a GREAT deal on soft cloth books from a company in Chicago...they are soo cute...can't wait to get them on the karts. We even had to get a 2nd small storage unit this month to store extra karts, ice cream social stuff, books...it just keeps growing and growing!

Seth had his 2nd soccer game...fortunately it wasn't raining and was a beautiful day for soccer. He is really into it this year!

--Seth spent Saturday & Sunday at Grandma & Ted's
--I got to spend all Saturday afternoon and evening scrapbooking...YEAH! I went to my friends and got about 25 pages done. Now...I am only a year behind on both boys! It was amazing how much I got done without Grant around...my first time scrapping with out him! Thanks Andy for watching Grant.
--Seth, Grant and I started back to our Wednesday night activities at church. I lead a 4th grade girls small group...Seth is in the kindergarten class...and Grant charms the ladies in the nursery
--Andy had his first full week of school...It's a little crazy this year...only 1 prep...6 classes...180 some students...back to a junior high format instead of the middle school format...thanks to budget cuts! But...we are very thankful for a job!
--I'm on a routine and spend every morning at the Y. It feels good to be back in a routine...now hopefully I can drop a few more pounds.
--Seth is doing great in Kindergarten...has had "blue" days everyday...which means he hasn't had to pull a card for behavior. He is pretty excited about his sheet of homework each week and eagerly works on it! Hopefully he will continue to love learning.
--Seth and I are making our way through the AtoZ Mysteries...we only have a handful left before we have read all 26! He is really showing an interest in reading...I really don't think it will take long before he just "gets" it!
--My 9 year old nephew got baptized this weekend! Yeah for Elijah!
--As far as Grant...well...he is still crazy man! Look for his 14 month update tomorrow!

--And...we have just been enjoying the last days of summer...swimming and playing in the backyard!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Corn & Cousins

It's been a busy day...

We started our Saturday with Seth's first Upward Soccer Game. It was a yucky, rainy morning...and we sat under umbrellas...trying to contain Grant while Seth played in the rain. It's amazing the improvement he's made since he started playing when he was 4. It was actually somewhat competitive today. Pictures next week...when I don't have to hold a baby and an umbrella.
After chilling for a little bit...the boys and I headed over to Nana & Oompa's for the family corn event. My sister-in-law came with her 3 kids. (Andy had to do school work and Doug was playing at concert). We had 15 dozen ears of corn...we all worked together and got them all shucked...boiled...cut....and bagged in less than 2 hours (also included wrangling 2 infants!) The corn is yummy and I am so excited to have a supply for winter

Then...it's always been a tradition to have a picture taken of all the cousins. We started right after Seth was born. My mom always buys them all coordinating outfits for Easter...and then we (in an ideal world) get a picture for her for Mother's Day. Well...we finally got to it today. (Hey...last year it was October) Well..I knew we didn't have a huge window of opportunity...and had to act fast. Plus...it was raining all day...so the ground was soaked, so we had to keep the babies off the grass.

In the end of our short little photo shoot...we have an "okay" one. If it were up to my standards...we would probably still be there. And...afterwards...I wish the 4 boys were all around Nia...but considering the age of our models...it'll just have to do.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Are you ready for some football

The boys got a real treat last Sunday. My parents called with 2 extra tickets to the season pre-season opener. Seth and Andy were so excited...and even more excited when they found out their tickets were for some special box type seating!

Even though Peyton didn't play a whole bunch...and the Colts lost...it was still a great experience for them...one that doesn't come along too often. Thanks Nana & Oompa for taking my boys and building more memories!

Friday, August 13, 2010


So...it's official...we have a full-fledged kindergartner.

It all started Wednesday night when we are able to go to school...meet his teacher...see his desk...find his locker and explore the school. He is in the morning kindergarten @ Perry Hill. He was most excited about the large open-concept library in the middle of the building. He couldn't believe their selection of chapter books. They offered hotdogs and chips...but we opted to celebrate and go to Cebollas instead!

Thursday...he had a mini-day. So...that meant we were able to sleep in a little. Grant is our early riser...so he was more than happy to assist in waking the big brother up! We dined on a first day of school tradition of doughnuts...nothing like a little sugar to start your day off right.

He and I went from 9-10:30 in the morning. The first 1/2 was spent just listening to his teacher go over policies and her goals for the year. She is very experienced and has a passion for writing. The last 1/2 included stations that the kids traveled around. Two other kids from his K-prep class are in his class...and just randomly happened to be put all at the same table. Gave him a little comfort I guess. After that short taste of kindergarten...he was ready to go back....all on his own the next day.

Friday morning was his first regular length day. Yikes...the bus comes at 7:20! That means an early morning wake up! After an attempt at an early morning bowl of cereal...we all headed down to the bus stop. He was so excited...and when it came...he literally ran across the street with other kids and climbed right on! I got a few pictures...but it all happened so quick...and he didn't even look back! I guess that means he is ready.
3.5 hours later...we picked him up! His favorite part of the day: riding the bus. He is excited and ready to go back next week. Fortunately, Andy hasn't started yet which meant he was able to experience the first bus stop with us...which was great. It's hard to believe...my little guy is truly growing up! (After school, I took him and his friend swimming...they were actually flirting with some 8-9 year old girls...really...that fast it happens?)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Don't say you weren't warned....

Seth when he was 1...what a difference in the 2 boys!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Anniversary Trip

Fortunately...Andy and I were able to get away for a couple days to celebrate our 8th anniversary. Grandma and Ted graciously agreed to keep the boys...so we dropped them off and headed out of town...east to Hocking Hills, Ohio.
It took about 3 hours from Grandmas...and we found our cabin...in the woods...WAY in the woods in the middle of nowhere. We were a little leery at first...but it was perfect. We had found it on the Internet...and although it was in the middle of nowhere (as is most of the things in Hocking Hills, OH)...it was perfect.
We walked into to find our little one room cabin aglow with candles and romantic music playing. The cabin was called: "Cuddles" and was geared for romantic getaways.
We played a little cornhole outside our cabin...read on the front porch...took a nap...grilled steaks...sat by a fire and just enjoyed being away from it all...including cell and email.
After rising at the crack of noon (11:30!)...we ate a quick lunch and headed out to find some hiking in Hocking Hills State Park. It was a little hot that day...but there were some cool spots, especially down in the caves. Unfortunately, the waterfalls were all dried up...except for one little trickle at Cedar Falls. But...we still had a nice time hiking and enjoying some beautiful scenery that would be even cooler in the fall.
Cedar Falls...well..a little of it
overlooking Old Man's Cave Andy...out on a ledge...being the stud he is!
overlooking a dried up waterfall..at Upper Falls
standing in front of a dried up lower falls

lots of stairs and crooks and turns and bridges...very cool!

After hiking...we did a little shopping and went back to the cabin and took another nap! Then...we got dressed up and went to a nice little Inn Restaurant. It only had about 12 tables...and was quiet and romantic and quite delicious. They served their dinner in 3 courses and we added a 4th with dessert! I had this incredible dark chocolate torte! Unbelievable!

Then...Wednesday...we slept in till 10! Glorious! A few view of our little "Cuddles" Cabin

After Packing up and cleaning up the cabin we did some shopping at a market that had antique shops, craft stores and miscellaneous stores. Then...time to come home!
Since we were in Ohio...I thought it would be fun to try Skyline Chile! IT WAS AWFUL...I seriously don't know what all the hype is all about! Fortunately...we found a cute little Dairy Shack on the way home and got a ice cream cone...just to end the trip on a sweet note.
Picked up the boys from Grandma & Teds...drove home...unpacked...visited Nana & Oompa and now it's back to reality...and school! Registration is tomorrow! WOW!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Wow...8 years! It's been a wonderful journey together! Can't wait to see what the next 8 (and 8 and 8 and 8 and 8...) hold! I LOVE YOU!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

13 months

Sunday, August 1

Grant at 13 months
--got tooth # 7...looking at him...the one to the left of the center bottom 2 teeth. Has very swollen gums and his cranky so I think maybe the molars are on the way (7-13)
--says "uh oh" has other words that sound like "momma" and "dada"
--can climb up on to couches
--can climb down stairs...still LOVES the stairs and will constantly go for them anytime he can find an open path to one
--took a tumble all the way down the steps...cried for 5 seconds, wiggled out of my arms and then instantly headed for them again
--loves crawling around with stuff in his mouth..whatever he can find
--much prefers standing...pulls up all the time...especially in the bathtub
--easily walks with the aid of 2 fingers...can stand alone for 2-3 seconds, sometimes
--gets into everything

--went on his first major roadtrip/vacation...loved the beach...loved the sand...is overall a great traveler
--has eaten all foods...including pb & fish...so far nothing he doesn't like or won't eat if too hungry
--not so sure about fireworks...clings really hard to mommy while watching them...has seen them twice (July 4 & Tin Caps game)
--made his first stepping stone

--went to his first baseball game
--still doesn't like to play with toys...just prefers to explore
--loves to open cabinets and drawers
--has a really obnoxious high pitched scream when he wants something or is bored with something
--when mad...will charge at Seth and try to bite him! It's hilarious!
--loves to be outside...cries and throws a fit when someone goes outside without him
--can officially throw a fit...he lays down on the ground and BAWLS!
--loves giving kisses...even to the girls from church
--is not sleeping well at all...cries and cries...wants to be held...major baby boot camp coming next week after our anniversary trip
--learned to drink out of a straw (on vacation from a juicebox)
--can play soccer