Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Break Monday

No rest for the weary...Grant was up early again. had rained/poured/thunder stormed all night so the ground was soaked. We knew that Grant would just get soaked as well...we decided it might be good to just pack up and head home.

We stopped one more time at the beach...enjoyed a beautiful view and headed home! Grabbed a quick Wendy's stop for lunch (but ate in the camper in the Walmart parking lot). We were home in time to unpack...let Grant get a decent nap...catch up on internet/emails (I felt very out of it)...clean the camper...and celebrated the end of Fall Break with dinner at Casa with Nana & Oompa to tell them all the fun with had with their camper!

Then...a good soaking in the tub...and 2 little tired boys in bed by 8!
It was a great break...a great time with my great family!

Fall Break Sunday

Once again we were up bright and sleep when you have a toddler in the camper! We ate a yummy breakfast and spent an hour or so in the RV because of rain (that's always fun with a toddler...who doesn't have much room to toddle!) Fortunately, the sun came out so we headed back to the beach! There were several large barges dropping off supplies at a steel mill.

And...wouldn't you know we saw a rainbow! Our Kate was with us!Lots more walking along the beach...throwing sand...digging holes with random shovels found on the beach...eating sand...and Seth was pretty excited to find this... Yep...just his name written in the sand!

We were at the of course...up another dune for some serious play time in the sand!

and lots of fun going down....lots more fun than going up!

Back for lunch...and naptime. This time Andy stayed back while Seth and I explored and had some ice cream. But...Grant woke up I got a little more snuggle time with him while he slept a little more! The boys watched football and movies. to explore some more. We hopped on our bikes and rode all around the park and found a playground

and decided to take another hike! This time we opted for an easy where Grant could walk on his own! Do you know how often that little guy had to stop and pick up leaves... and acorns...and sticks...and plants...and anything he could find! That little boy was in heaven!

Back to the RV for more chasing of Grant...and ball playing....and chasing. We cooked Grilled cheese over the fire...took a walk around the campsite (it had TOTALLY cleared out...we were one of about 14 campers left). IT was a GORGEOUS night...totally comfy in just a t-shirt and jeans. We spent a lot of time around the campfire eating s'mores, hot cocoa and cider. We just headed to the showers to clean up when the rain started. It was a glorious day!

Fall Break Saturday

Saturday morning we were up bright and early due to our travel alarm clock..aka. Grant!! Grant had a hard time getting to sleep...and staying asleep through the evening. But...after some pancakes and sausage we loaded up the bikes and headed for the beach. There wasn't much we pretty much had the place to ourselves! Grant loved walking along the beach and throwing rocks and sand in...we did a lot of he kept getting braver and braver about getting close to the edge Seth loves the he was having a great time! He thought it was pretty cool that we could see Chicago across the lake

We climbed a dune (My studly husband did it with Grant on his shoulders!) and then enjoyed the view even more from the top.

We went back to the RV for lunch...and put Grant down for a nap! (Well...I layed down with him too!) Andy and Seth went to the nature center and did some bike riding, movie watching and ice cream eating. It rained a little during lunch...but cleared up to be a beautiful afternoon.
Once Grant woke up we headed to the nature center and took a hike! It was ranked as moderate as it included several dune climbs...once again...studly Andy did the whole hike with Grant on his shoulders!
The hike took us back to the of course we had to walk along the beach some more and climb another dune a little sand and rocks!
We checked out the nature center...played on the playground...chased Grant all over the campground...made pizza pudgy pies for dinner...took a walk..chased Grant...ate more s'mores..chased Grant...cleaned up 2 very dirty, sandy little boys and went to bed! It didn't take Grant long at all before he was ZONKED!

Fall Break...Friday

Andy had Friday and Monday off for Fall Break and Seth had Monday we took advantage of my parent's generosity and went camping for the weekend.

We picked up Seth from Kindergarten in the RV...he thought that was pretty cool. Then....a quick lunch in Warsaw and then we made it up to Thistleberry Farm in South Bend. I found it on the Internet and it was really pretty cool. There were TONS of activities for the kids...and we had a BEAUTIFUL afternoon to enjoy some FALL FUN!

There were 4 corn mazes...2 of which were geared for kids. They had farm animals hidden in one and the other had letters from story book characters in mailboxes. It made it really fun for Seth...and they only took about 15 minutes. They did have a HUGE maze that Seth really wanted to go into...but they said it could easily take over an hour! YIKESThey also had a cow train...and a tractor pulled the boys throughout the fieldOff to the giant jumping pillow...I've never seen anything like it...lots of fun for all ages.

Duck races with an old style water pumpGrant loved the barn filled with straw mazes and a giant pit of corn! He played in it for at least a half an hour!

lots of photo opportunities
a giant tube slide...which we didn't think Grant was big enough for...but he was insistent on going so we took him on our laps! That little guy is SO observant of everything his little brother does.

Pedal Car track (Seth says this was his favorite)

Hay ride through the corn fields

It was a great stop! I highly recommend it to anyone! Definitely worth it since we were headed in that direction...but would seriously consider making the drive next year!

We just had about another hours drive up to Indiana Dunes State Park. Fortunately, we had made reservations because it was packed. We found our spot, sent up camp and roasted hotdogs for dinner! After s'mores of was time to get a good night's rest for a fun couple days!

Carnival Success I'm WAY late posting it has been over a week...but Seth was pretty excited when he learned that he won this:

Yeah for Seth!

We had a lot of fun at the carnival...Seth loved playing all the games, but if it were really up to him...we probably would have spent the entire night at the cake walk trying to win a cake. Grant was really cute too...he tried his best on most of the games. And...if it involved throwing something in a hole (which several of them did)...once he got his prize...that would usually end up in the hole as well.

I was really impressed with the carnival...lots of great silent auction items and lots of games for the kids. I better like it...we'll be going to the elementary school carnival for the next 10 years!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Carnival Cake

Seth's school carnival is tomorrow...they have a cake decorating contest...and then the cakes are donated to the cake walk. Seth was pretty excited about decorating a cake...the theme was Ocean Adventure. So today we went to the candy store and got all kinds of gummy fish/sharks/octopus.

Tonight...he decorated it! It took every bit of self control I had not to say fact at one point I had to leave the room (Yes, I have control issues!). Well...I think it turned out pretty cute (a little overcrowded)..but hey, he's 6!

The ocean full of all types of gummies...and isn't the beach cute! They are sour patch kids laying on fruit stripes blankets! And did have to of the gummy fish was he put him next to the shark and said that the shark had eaten him! He is pretty clever kid!

15 month checkup

Last Friday we had Grant's 15 month check-up. The doc walked in...examined him and said...he even looks ornery! He nailed it...we have one ornery little guy.

He weighed in at 26lbs 6 oz and 34 3/4 inches tall! He is at 76% for height...and above the 95% for height. What amazes me...he is 2 & 3/4 inches TALLER than Seth was at 15 months and 1 lb heavier...and I thought Seth was a big boy.
The rest of his physical checked out well...all of his teeth have at least poked through...and he is right on track for everything...even though his verbal words are limited to "mommy", he understands a lot more words (at least 25 that I know).
The only scary thing is his iron level. It was just barely over the minimum level at 12 we tried feeding him some iron rich foods and retested @ 15 months. Unfortunately, it continued to go down. So...starting tomorrow, we have iron supplement that we somehow need to get in this little guy (I guess it tastes NASTY). Hopefully it's just due to his diet and his growth spurts...and it will fix itself over the next few months.
So...Grant is a wildman...he constantly has bruises all over! He received the bruise last weekend at Grandmas...and later this week he had this other shiner on the left side of his head! IT swelled up so big...and I never heard him cry so I had no idea how he got it! Well...turned out to be some sort of a bug/spider bite! And...with all the teething...he is drooling mess! Poor guy...

Thursday, October 7, 2010


My prayer is that these 2 will ALWAYS be best friends!

First Kind. Field Trip

Today I went with Seth on his first official school field trip...on the bus! I thought we were just going to a regular ole' u-pick apple orchard...boy was I in for a surprise.
We went to Orchard Hill Apple Orchard somewhere around Kendallville. It is a major wholesale apple orchard. They supply apples for all the Walmarts in at least Indiana (maybe Michigan too). First we went on a wagon ride around the orchard...saw just a few of the 9000 trees they have...saw how they graft new trees...learned how they control bugs...learned how they have to "rent" bees in the spring to pollinate all those trees...and how they hand prune each and every tree between Jan-March...and how each and every apple is hand picked.
Then...we went into the "barn" and saw how they package the was a huge long conveyor belt that started with a giant vat of water. They lowered the giant crate into the water then pushed the crate down...forcing the apples to gently rise to the top. At that point they went into a huge conveyor system that cleaned, sorted and bagged the apples. The engineering behind this machine was fascinating...I guess it's the only one like it in Indiana.
I was quite impressed...I think the kids were too...although at times, they were much more fascinated with the woolly worms.
The conveyor belt/computer that somehow measures and takes a "picture" of each apple and spits it out at exactly the right place to go in the right bag The automatic bagging system...somehow it measures the apples into 3, 5 & 10lb bags

Seth and Nate outside some newly planted trees
inside the giant fridge...did you know apples won't freeze until 28 degrees? The best way to keep apples fresh is in the fridge!
It was a great thankful for friends who watched Grant so that I could go with Seth!