Saturday, January 1, 2011

18 Months

Saturday, January 1, 2011
18 months

At 18 months Grant:

--is getting more and more words but still isn't super verbal
mooor = more
Dadeeee = Daddy
cook---anything sweet

pick up
uck --reference to his diaper
--understands lots more words: hair, eyes, nose, toes, tummy, ears, glasses, ball, bath, milk, juice, eat, truck, Seth, mommy, daddy, bye bye, hat, kitty, trash, cookie, book, diaper..and I"m sure a lot more...although he doesn't seem to want to learn "NO"
--puts trash in the trash can, brings you a kleenix when you sneeze, tries to blow his nose, empties the dishwasher, puts on his hat when he sees others leaving, want to help cook or bake cookies, puts the laundry in the washing machine, lays down when you say diaper change. He usually is a good helper and wants to help so badly. He will even pull over a chair to stand on in the kitchen
-- --is still addicted to his paci.
--loves to give kisses and great big hugs
--had is first major bout with the flu...lasted several days...had a pretty good spirit about it
--is still taking iron supplements
--cried when he first saw Santa
--loves drinking from regular cups or cups with straws
--doesn't eat when he doesn't want to...eats a ton when he wants to
--loves "cooks'...there is no sneaking sweets with this little guy

--"played" in the snow...he really wasn't too sure as it was SO cold and he was so bundled. He would catch snowflakes on his tongue...wants to help the shovel

--loves balls...will throw them around all day's his favorite toy by far

--went to Chicago...stood overlooking Chicago on the 103rd floor and didn't bother him a bit...was a great traveler...loved the lights and sounds of the big city

--has gotten in the habit of waking up really between 5 & 6...YUCK...will take 2 naps when he's up so early
--discovered he can flush the toilet
--took his first bubble bath

--loves eating with a spoon...can eat his cereal in the morning with one

--loves: strawberries, tomato soup, salad, oranges, dried cherries
--has a temper...gets really mad when you leave him or close a door or when Seth takes something away. He will throw, hit and scream when he is mad
--is starting to be interested in cartoons on the tv
--loves playing the paci game...where he tries to put his paci in your mouth
--still wakes up mad...crying (usually cause his paci is on the floor)
--celebrated Christmas...he sort of understood unwrapping gifts, but really wanted Seth's more than his...even though he got really cool things including:
**climbing whistle chair and toy garage from Santa
**Rain boots, a riding toy, backpack, books, play tent and tunnel, bath toys, toy train and bulldozer from mommy and daddy & Seth
**Shopping Kart, DVD, money and pulling toy from Nana & Oompa
**Basketball hoop, toy workbench, jammies, Colts sweats and outfit from Grandma & Ted
**toy drum and maracas from Uncle Doug, Aunt Amy & cousins
--had a really busy month...experiencing lots of new things...and growing up....way TOO fast!