Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow Day

Wednesday was a snow day...for the whole family! While playing outside with the neighbors...they invited us to go to Macke Mountain (the famous sledding hill in our association). Andy stayed home with Grant and Seth and I bundled up and headed out.

We met our neighbors...who also happens to be in his Kind. class. While there...we ran into another girl from his class. They had so much each other done the hill. It was the perfect size hill...not to overwhelming to climb up...but still big enough to have a lot of fun. even the moms gave it a whirl...sledding just brings out the kid in you.

What a perfect treat for a surprise day with no school!


Kristen said...

great hill! i haven't gone sledding in years! My husband took our 7yr old sledding this week, they only went down the hill 3 times because after that neither one of them wanted to walk back up! ha!

Jackie said...

Looks fun! I've not been on a sledge in years!