Sunday, January 23, 2011

Time keeps on ticking...ticking...ticking

I's been said before...and I'm sure to say it again...WOW DOES TIME FLY! more week in January? The weeks fly by and the weekends go even faster. I even got "scolded" at church today for not posting enough.....Shari...this is for's all I got!

On Tuesday, Grant had his 18 month well check! All is great! He never fussed once for the doctor. Dr. Jim said he NEVER has an 18 month old do so well. Well...chalk up another one that Grant has fooled. The best news is that he has "outgrown" his we no longer need iron drops! Of course he is well over 95% for height and 75% for weight...he's the size of a small 3 year old! After having to get a shot and a finger prick...he decided that some days are just 2 paci days!

We had a snow/ice day on Wednesday for Seth and we enjoyed the day by going out to breakfast...taking naps...playing with friends...just a day to relax.
On Saturday we had some friends come up from New Castle after Seth's b-ball game. (He did SO well...he really is getting some "skills"). We went to Crazy Pinz and the kids played in the ballcity....they all had a blast. I couldn't believe how well Grant did..he loved it...chasing balls...putting balls down shoots and even got up enough nerve to climb through the tunnels. Golly he is growing up fast.

Friday night we finally got back into our routine....workout, swimming, pizza and a movie! It was it felt so good to get into our warm jammies, snuggle on the couch and watch a movie. I also had my Joyseekers women's bible study/fellowship! We had a great time together as God's women on Thursday.
It amazes me how much Grant is talking...he really just seems to be exploding. Here's a quick glimpse of him talking...before he head dives off the chair.'s late and the little stinker has been getting up at 5:30! That's I better head to bed!


Shari said...

OH Gee, thanks, Krista for another wonderful, humorous, clever blog! I will try to give you a hard time more often!! :o) I have to have my "Layman" fix at least once a week!! Loved the video! Hopefully, Grant didn't get hurt when he took the nose dive! Have a wonderful week!